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Hello I'm Dan feel welcome to fields Chrysler jeep Dodge ram one where you can get a low price and a whole lot more when looking to buy for what to believe and what not to some auto dealerships advertise false prices just to get you to come in. don't go if you do go and the price changes for you get charged extra walk out when looking to buy think fields first all of our advertised prices are real prices that do not change when you come to the dealership and now during deep adventure days get this nineteen jeep grand Cherokee limited four by four only thirty six seven eighty eight save over seventy four hundred we'd love to earn your business but we will never mislead you together C. fields first feels Chrysler jeep Dodge ram and let ME one patriot Boulevard and field C. J. D. dot com to qualify buyers plus tax title license and one seventy nine dollars MSRP forty four thousand to thirty five stock number J. three four oh nine eight offerings nine thirty nineteen. Chicago sports betting is here and it's. twenty minutes from downtown in open for football season football baseball basketball. sure wagers open every day. course you chose your best portable chapel when your way in Chicago to say goodbye to your booking and say hello to legal sports wagering place your bets now at the book at horseshoe Hammond must be twenty one years or older gentleman with a stop before you start. before I move my savings to Marcus by Goldman Sachs my account just sat there doing nothing because I was too. you. the markets like Goldman Sachs online savings account earn four times the national average and markets dot com national energy to provide informed answers you cannot be guaranteed thank you as a member FDIC. twenty one it's the good. this morning Bobbi there from eleven AM to one for another Sam Adams. gains on the side you will hold the Stein and if you hold. on to the finals finals winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Boston I'll see you this morning at. thirteen fifty one west status in Wrigley.

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