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Okay Scott that Christmas tree today you did walking on what was it. I think it was decal avenue like back back. Yeah all right. Let me ask you this Anthony. Are you ready to play an ask me another challenge. I'm ready okay. Great and everybody. We've we've brought back on puzzle grew ebeneezer scrooge greetings. Your game is about our Christmas music playlist list. It's simple we're going to play you a song. You just have to tell us what band recorded it. If you do well enough listener Robin Chatrapati from Roseville. Minnesota is going twin. Ask me another Rubik's Cube Right Robin. I'm going to try and do this view all right and if you need a hint puzzle Ebenezer Scrooge you out all right okay so here you go. What boy band recorded this song? Christmas time you listeners cannot see his face but it is a mixture of green boy. Scrooge boy band late nineties nick. Carter's a member of the band. O Backstreet Boys. Yeah Yeah that is. I don't know what it is. All boys record because it's Christmas then. I guess what girl group recorded this song. Eight days.

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