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Aircraft and some insight as y we liked to have fun because we like to see our passenger smile, and I feel. Like, it's a way for us to interact with them as far as the incidents, increasing are concerned more than likely it's because we are would underpaid and get hardly any raises since contracted acme got sold and are now owned by a non airline our flight benefits have been somewhat taken away. So the morale of acme contract has gone down. And a lot of small stations handle acme and its connection flights or taking hit. It is hard to to see us being this way as I do take pride in what I do. And I am trained in almost every part of the job except Laverick lavatory service. That's good. Good Hope this put some insight on why incidents have been happening more and more. I wouldn't say because we're having fun, but more because our Q L, which is quality of life has gone down a lot recently this year. Thanks, connor. Hey, connor. Just let you know. I am in was an instructor teaching people at it up break lavatories as well. I've I've been issues I know what it's like it's a very difficult position to be in. It's very hard to keep them row up, especially when you're out the on the ramp working, you know, in in very cold conditions with cold rain in very hot conditions. Sweating. There are a lot of situations that I'm I'm very well accustomed to working on the ramp especially in the Boston area with the winds whipping off the the ocean. So I get it. And unfortunately, I was involved with the move over from our own employees over to contract police the contract company in which you are referenced referencing. Now, it setting saddening me if I can say that out glass out properly here that that those types of contracts now ending is well in, you know, a lot of people do come out for the the the benefits of of having the the travel in, you know, the low pay it is not going to say, it's it's it's unfortunate. But you know, you've gotta take, you know, the pay with with the level of experience that you need to have to work in that position. So I've been there. On it understand it understand the the way you feel and the fact that you take pride in what you do is is very telling in their in their this is a building block. We all have resumes that we've built up in. This is a building block, especially if you wanna continue aviation business. So keep your head up high take passion in in in continue to care about what you're doing. And I get what exactly we saying with the lack of of people having the feeling of pride in what they do because there's Willie no reward the end of the rainbow. The fact that they're getting a paycheck. So that's way companies operate. It's just not just in the L and business. That's just company rows going down. Just because you're pay going down your benefits or decreasing come on. Yeah. Come on. Man. It's go. Go figure that one. I don't know. I mean, just just keep head up and continue to best job. You can't as like. A end goal air. He's at one forty one school. So no. Yeah. Towards those goals. Absolutely. And I am living proof right here. Living proof city on this podcast. And we have him videos of Dana out there dancing when he's doing the wing walking. Yeah. You I mean, I can show you those fans of move. There's a reason why if I me on the ramp. I just did not know how to Dan. So Jake, send us some videos of you to your dancing thing. Jay Connor Connor Jake tell Connor guy that just sent in that last back. Sorry..

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