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Out of the Springfield interchange as you approach Braddock Road on the inner loop riding up toward to 36, you'll find 66 crowded, eastbound coming into Centerville. Then after Netley to the Bellway also a delay 95 mainline north through Woodbridge, just riding toward Lord and Newington. 3 95 not too bad. You may find a break later to as you approach seminary and at the 14th Street Bridge crashed out of Fredericksburg on 17 south Beyond 95 After old Ford Road, you may be under direction. There was a reported crash in Woodbridge on Opens Boulevard east of I 95 Near River Rock Way you will find the Beltway Maryland topside. Outer lips slow in New Hampshire to Georgia in a loop had been heavy. Just trying to move through college park down toward the B W Parkway. Unclear if Cruz found anything, they were looking on the Beltway out of the bin Landen near 4 50. Annapolis, Right exit 20. There have been reports of a crash 95 in the BW Parkway. Really? Not bad between the bell ways to 70 looking just as good between Bethesda and Frederick, North and southbound. You'll find an elkridge. So everyone your Ducketts lane. There's been an earlier medical emergencies to do be careful up in Frederick, we're dealing with a water main break on Modern Avenue is closed between 13th and Fairview. Also, Fairview between modern and 12th and Oakwood Drive closed as well. Watch to be rerouted as authorities continue to try to get the water turned off and then do repairs. Save 40% off furniture at Marlo's July 4th red, white and blue sale Plus, take an extra 30% off your purchase and free delivery available now at Marlow Furniture, Jack Taylor, w T o P. Traffic and Our forecast Now as we head into another weekend, Mike's Jennifer, How things looking It looks like summertime is going to return after some great days across region today, now bad. Partly.

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