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Wrap up this edition of brewer's extra innings after an eleven five win for the crew. Let's do today's who's hot who's not presented by DNA heating and air conditioning. Hot lot of guys in the brewers lineup today. You want to talk about the big games, Ben Gammel. Three for six two runs, Lorenzo Cain. Three for six run, four RBI's. Mike, new stock is four for six two runs, four RBI's to home runs. Yes. Monte grande. All four four six a run in an RBI. You got four batters today who have three hits or more, pretty easy to go with, who's hot actually. It's not so easy because I had to go with multiple guys. But you get the idea who's not Joe must grow when he faces off against the brewers. It just does not go. Well for him coming into this game in two previous career starts against the brewers. Must grove had a six point nine four. ERA what happens today that ERA actually goes up and that's tough to do. He gives up. Five runs on eleven hits in six innings so not good for him. Who's not who's not. It is presented by DM heating and air conditioning. Take advantage of carrier, cool cash now through the end of June carrier and at your service, visit DM heating dot com. So the brewers get the win in Pittsburgh by an eleven five score game two of the series is coming up tomorrow and opportunity for the brewers to at least secure a series split in this four-game series. You'll Lisa Shaw seen. We'll get the start for the brewers tomorrow. The right hander comes in with a three and six record and a four point eight eight ERA. Chris Archer will go four Pittsburgh, the right. He is one in five of the five point seven, five Yara. He has not pitched very well. This season is dealt with some injuries but just has not been very good. Once again, six five first pitch. Coverage at five thirty talk you after the game here on WTMJ..

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