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The officers are just a like a a trade show of the movie industry get out so there i can't remember i haven't looked it i mean i have and watson oscars in asia's matt did you have some of you wanted to add something it will not really and i wanted to change the subject entirely uh that's a 5 k uh i i wouldn't ask matthew we've got a break coming up this next week and i was i haven't i don't watch a lot of film but i wanted to watch some sort of a historical like him in on game of thrones there will be bloody a history with are you you do like it great they're you're watching with exactly um but i but not sort of that sort of history but american history so closer to home uh i was curious if if you had any general thoughts insertive film history or period pieces a general and if you have any recommendations well i guess in the operational or odd nineteenthcentury america nineteen thcentury america all and a half to give the anchor there's nothing that it comes right off the top of my head i mean what actually is interesting it's been filled themselves inmates at the early 20th century you know there's a lot of it recaptured even in the dramatic films that necessarily at the time work puree thesis uh i don't know if you i don't know if you ever watch them meet john doe that's one of the ones that recommended before that i i think that's an amazing movie about the kind of history of of how fascism was uh understood in this country and that was needed 1941 um that's that's one i can recommend with no qualms whatsoever um go back to go back and look at my list is there some other ones on various maybe not american uh history but uh the grand delusion by john renoir about the uh pow german pow camps french soldiers captured that's another maid thing uh historical film that i think he would probably get some buzz off of from your history buzz the site of your brain.

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