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And. That and like gray warm, the initial charge where everyone just got smoked. And then somehow they all comes out of the back. Yeah. Definitely not dead. What are the sorry? And what do they you know, those they're not gonna win? What are we doing? We wrapped up there. You know? Warmer supposed to be this like unsullied warrior who will go in fear. Right. And it's like I'll put myself in front of certain death of I have to and he did that. And he shoulda died Anatara. She made it to the top. She got knighted. There's nothing else to do. She should be gone, but the into the fucking army of the debt and came back aim back out on his horse. What are we doing here? But now the flip side is by maintaining by keeping everyone in way that I needed to see him die in arms. But now that every major character still there the throne is widely Haas is like. Lebron leaves the east like anybody can come out of the east now, it's wide open. So I guess we're just back to like who do we think or or do you think there's a whole like is the iron throne really not even gonna matter in the end because so much has gone down. I think it will. I think like I think what the predictability that they've had. It's probably gonna still my biggest fear in the world is like someone wins the iron throne, and it's like a cut out of Sam writing down the story, and then like all Genry build in the river, lands Dany and John have the throne. West of it some type of like one or two characters die. But the problem is that they saved so many minor characters that they can still kill off a few of them and people will be like, oh, we got some deaths, but like not the main character that'd be lords of rings era brings where you still have kinda survive. I think there should be like one person left like game of thrones is really going to do it the way it started out going to kill everybody. I would like more this early part of the season. I wanted it. I was worried about like me being happy with who wins. Right. Like, I I wanted my guys or girls to win. Now. I just want something that makes sense and something that's aligned with the first four or five seasons this show. I don't care who it is anymore as long as it's pretty cutthroat. Pretty mean, pretty game of thrones ish. I don't want. That shit. Right. Yeah. Honor never wins and Gatemouth route. Right. So it working real doesn't win and realize. That's why we was good. So I wonder I mean, I still think that there's no coincidence that with Georgia are not at the helm things are looking pretty sloppy. Now, I will say I think sir sees with the saps was post books that was with the TV writers. They have had their moments they have delivered. But I think overall when you look back Marjorie still alive in the book. She's my favorite character. I was fucking avoided kill someone. All of them, and she shouldn't have him. She she put it together at the last second. Well, that's also I mean, we were discussing how that that George George. Martin's by going to re like right this story totally differently which is fucking so annoying. Read it I mean. Yeah. Gonna have to go read the. To read all real. And then I'll do a presentation apprentice that ending is going to be so much better than whatever. DB Weysan Benny off. Come. I'll do that for you guys. I'll do that. So as you like like it sounds. I mean, everybody everybody says shut up about alley talk. And everybody says you're hating it too much. And then, but then like as time has gone on even the biggest fans, even the most die-hard book readers, and even all the TV critics are all kinds of starting to come around on the idea is that was an or in a bigger picture of where we're kinda going. It's not just one episode. Yeah. Do you feel like in general probably trending in the wrong way for you? I don't have that feeling at all because it's game of thrones. And like, you don't know what's going to happen. You are arrogant. If you assume that you know, that this episode didn't give you everything you were supposed to because when we look back. You don't know that it won't like I at the end of the season at the final episode. If it's just like that fucking sucked. I will tell you that it sucked. But until then I'm jury slot on it basket case to if that happens best-case regardless I I'm letting myself disappointed periodically your your wedding. Trust. I have but okay. But don't tell somebody then losing trust at all at any. Have you been like? Now because I'm just enjoying what they're giving you. Feeling that there's a difference between old George Martin books have a game of thrones early. He's giving thrones and much to know or the story's going like, I'm just not picky. Like that. Like, I've I'm not like that with movies either. Like, I'm not like criti- with movies. I'm like that was enjoyable to watch. I've never really not liked movie like up. Okay. I agree with that. Because I'm the same way. But that's because I just walk into a movie I sit down two hours later, it's over when I've been watching so much time into this. But. Ever feel vibe of like, I think this would have been better had they done this. 'cause I mean, I didn't write it like could I have come up with something better. Like, I think I could. But then probably not, you know, there's a difference between thinking I'm not arguing. Great. Dane, you hope some things happen. But if you leave and it doesn't happen. Don't you walk away being like I wish? Yeah. Which that was different right? Yeah. But then you still have the trust in like the universe or whatever the hope that eventually it's going to work out and be good like. I know no one has this feeling due. I also think that there's something to like I'm special if three episodes from now, they do some crazy shit that looking back. This is all awesome. Great. But that doesn't mean that when I watched the battle of win you didn't enjoy what the fuck is going on here. And that's to the next people take it to the next level. Telling me to watch the prequel. If someone said to me in person, I will fight you watch like, well, dude, they're not gonna tell you because of the frequent. So you telling me they hit a seventy fucking episode promo for another series as gonna happen for five years. I think they'll tell us. I think they'll give us something. And then you just have to say, you know, what that's the end if they don't what would you say that very upset. Okay. The what? What will it take very diehard thrones person to if they're if they're playing happy families in the end, I'm going to say that's not what this is supposed to be ruin this series real because I think I did this best show ever status. And now it's coming down for me. It's kind of like Grey's anatomy, really sucks now. But it doesn't make the first couple seasons. Not great because they were really great. You know, definitely never going to criticize what happened in those seasons. But I will say like the way this wrapped up lessons the whole picture for me. You're allowed to feel like that. All silly. 'cause I know, but I think I'm in the small minority of people who are just like, whatever give me whatever you want. That's true. I want a minority of majority. There's a lot of people who are there's a lot of people who want to want to. I don't know expected too much not too much like wanted it to be something that like at the end of the day. It's not like, it's a TV show. They can only do one story. You know, they can only pick one and somebody say to me like they're like what you just mad that that this TV show. Didn't do what you wanted to do. Yeah. I mean, that's what stories are book, and you want certain things to happen that doesn't that? I don't like it. I I you have expectations for things to occur in TV show. And if they don't and the story is different than and lesser than in your mind. Yeah. Some of my favorite books are books that I read and I'm like this fucking what the fuck are you doing? I hate. This is stupid. And then I'll go back and read it seventeen more times. Like, I've just I don't know. I trust the story. Read read a book. I don't like if I don't all read it if I don't like the way like something happened. But I still think the storytelling was really good. And I enjoyed it. Like, if I'm thinking like, this is just the way the story is this is not the story that I wrote I my own story. I respect that. I guess, but that is the craziest thing thought did you sit there and read a story that you don't like, but respect that someone else thinks it's good. No. This is the story. Like, I'm invested in the characters. I just don't like the way it ended or something. I'll be like still gonna fucking read this book. I think in. I I don't even know how to awesome for you. I wish I was that way. If I could just if things could unfold that I don't like, but I could just say, you know, what I guess I do kinda like it. I don't know. It's crazy. I will say I think the other side of that is where a lot of people like myself who love both game of thrones in vendors more than almost anything else in the world in terms entertainment and game. I think nailed the final the final absolute tens across the board. And then compare that some people are gonna compare the thrones. And I don't I honestly don't know thrones could have done it. 'cause I don't like you, basically just match it. If it's perfect or as perfect as you can get it's almost unfair in that regard. But I do I I'm probably maybe a little more optimistic to most. I believe in that the guys here. We'll get it. Right. Just because I think Georgia's like, please don't fuck this up for. That's that's what I wanna know. I wish I would love to be a fly on the wall of like the writing room and the whole production process because I have faith Georgia George Martin. I don't think faith anymore in Weiss and Benny off. So if those guys are running the show, I don't have that faith. I think they're going to I think they're actually proving that they tend to fuck it up. I think to. Saying the Clem earlier, I think obviously the magic and all that shit was like a huge part of the books, and they obviously had to bring it into the show because they were going off the books now that they're not going off the books. I think the fact that there was basically, no deaths and the two major deaths were Barrick and Mela, Sandra. Who are like all Giora that was like and the and yet. No. But I'm saying like Baruch Mel Sandra in the night king. We're like the dominant magic people. So the fact that they got rid of all of them interested as kind of like them being like, all right? Like, we like we're done with the match just to talk area, basically. I should've done that a lot earlier like I don't think we should have at the end of season went really heavy on the magic. And we got rid of it like that. Basically when push came to shove is weird. They took too long of a detour. But then they also got rid of it too fast. So it's like they they were slowdown and then hurry up and now the, yeah, we're left with with what I think people love most about game of thrones. But if like does this even. I feel you could probably relate this Yun clan. That I feel like now this is kind of like a team that you've rooted for your entire life going into the playoffs knowing that they're probably gonna lose. But you're still like along. All right. We're going in the playoffs like we can still fucking win. This whole thing. Like, they still have episode five is Miguel whatever's opponent on real like gonna be run that they can set it up with like, I think they're definitely going to set it up with a classic game of thrones. Unexpected death at the end of nex ups owed like I have so many characters at any of them could you both? And if they're gonna be some crazy shit cliffhanger. And then episode five could be epic. And then six is wrapping up. There's still hope but like my my concern is going higher and higher. Yeah. I've seen them win the championship. You know? Like when sir lit that whole thing up that was a fucking title when negative chopped up. That was our first title. It was fuck up and hurt us. But it was it was unbelievable. And we're kind of going through the same thing. That's a good point, Hank. I wonder I mean, I said that. My blog today that like sports and game of thrones game of thrones sports to me almost like I invested them. Like I invested a team. And and the people who are still satisfied are think I compare it to Mets fans like there are Mets fans who were like, well, I'm still a fan, and let's just go out there and keep rooting for them. Whereas I if they like when they fell short in two thousand fifteen it, absolutely devastated me. So there's two different types of sports fans in a way, I wonder if you're not a sports fan at all. And I wonder if that like is there anything here's my questions or anything else in your life. Is there anything in your life that you think compares to the way we treat sports? No. Okay. Right. So that might be the difference. Like, I think speaking for myself here. But I also think a lot of of thrones fans get so invested that that's where our disappointments coming from. Whereas it seems like everything in your life. Is you don't you don't dive in as much to get your hopes up as much to them be let down as much don't have expectations. I think that's really the difference. I think that if you're still cool everything it's a matter of like expectations, and I set standards that are probably too high or like, not reasonable probably. I'm still hopeful. Yeah. I said that like we're down three oh in the finals right now like and bundy's comeback, and they and we win does. That makes one side comment like Sawyer in the fucking square. Like that would that would go like away aria mentioned John seeing John rag that. Yes, even if they don't address it fully, even if there's like a side comment like that would go a long way for me hundred percent. It wasn't totally random. It wasn't a total fluke. They should have showed us that. It would have been cool. But yeah. Knowledge surprise. I'm really looking forward to the fall of all this. I think we kinda talked about it like whenever this battle happened to ever survive. There's gonna pry be like a chasm because I mean donaire is gonna be fucking pissed. She just lost her dude dragons fucked up she just fought one of dragons, which couldn't have been very good for her. She lost the doth Raqi. She lost a shitload of on sully the army like she has to be the underdog in Vegas right now. Even with Gregg dry unless you wanted to. Derek, Gary and blue dragon. I mean, but but so the Syrian didn't chatter when everyone all the other one did. So is he still? White walkers shattered, though, the the died is back. Okay. All right because I chance he could like be be good again. So there's one dragon left to so one disappeared when he was getting like Bob by the white walkers. Right. That's not I was John's drag the one that's the cower John's you're the one who's the knucklehead going into fucking blindly. But that that drove me crazy, by the way, when like white walkers on the ground were able to take out a drag and it was like.

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