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Now Capital One arena Milwaukee with a seventy six sixty one lead over the wizards with five eleven left in the third quarter Bradley Beal star to put up some big numbers twenty three points so far for the wizards remember he had fifty three in a loss to the bulls last night's Abele right now really the only wizard playing very well yeah I mean he's got ten points those two guys the only guys in double figures seventy six sixty one five eleven left third quarter down to Capital One arena was trying to snap a mini slide here is the unofficial second half of the NBA season is well underway NHL trade deadline minor move by the capitals they said defenseman Christian Djoos a twenty eighteen Stanley Cup champ to the Anaheim ducks for for Daniel Sprong what a goal and an assist in eight games with the ducks this season capitals back on the ice they face the jets tomorrow night spring training baseball Mets edging the nationals two to one we got some high school hoops tonight WCAC title game for Bender arena DeMatha leading Paul the six twenty seven twenty two just over three minutes left in the first half of play bragging rights on the line in the WCAC between those two big time powerhouse programs again was Israeli the box seventy six sixty one under five minutes left third quarter at Capital One arena the front camera WTOP's will cease fire in the Gaza Strip after a deadly weekend the story I had a forty six we've got all the news right I'm a stop you right there I see you about to settle on a Dale doughnut for breakfast well.

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