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That you definitely got some contact my telephones. What you doing, sir. Oh, man me. I'm I'm doing a whole bunch. It's so I'm really on a crusade to kind of bring division 2 football back in the state of California, but but I'm not but I believe that mechanism has been crazy. And I know it's a financial thing and the financial issue, but I really do believe I think Title Nine is a whole different discussion that kind of cut it off but I mean, I I really want to fill to bring it back because I know what it's done for me and my brothers took I went to division two school and play football with how we be able to do that. I think that mechanism in California has been kind of just cut off and I really want to figure out a way to kind of hopefully attract people and bring that back number two. I took my own non-profit and my own high school all-star game football game and I do I'm the sports analyst football on the state in San Diego for all high school football. So I'm really interested in and groove. At my non-profit helps kids from understanding how to get recruited from that not the division one athletes, but that D to Nei division three athlete he doesn't have the same Outlet or dead same web out here as anyone else. So I try to bridge that Gap where there's somebody going to school in the midwest or going to school back East are going down south help them in addition to those coaches and help them see their talents that they can offer those guys scholarships offer offer them opportunity to play play sports out there. So I've been really that's pretty much the main thing. I do outside the nine-to-five, you know and raising a family man. I'm pretty simple dude. I just, you know, try to grind out and want to help as many people as long as I possibly can never been loved it. So and I wanted everyone to say what it is that they do just for the audience to understand and see we've got two gentlemen with nonprofits. We've got a fraternity mentoring program. We've got Mister Bray see who is is out right now talking to a high school football team about positive mentality and positive attitude job. We are.

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