Dallas Cowboys, Falcons, John Curtis discussed on Double Coverage with Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert


The dallas cowboys take it down the washington redskins on thursday night for one week from tonight saints in falcons right now though alain delon radio hun along with brad luminated part of our outstanding crew that'll get things under way tomorrow at seven o'clock for the semi finals in prep football catholic baton rouge john curtis and division one fellas now i was just looking at the playoff run four catholic baton rouge either one you guys can jump in here but uh they took down some giant so they be they be shut out schol they shut out saying are they they be saying all held in the free points and then they took danny vangel they've given up nine points in three playoff games hey look at that unbelievably impressive either going into last week's gain some people ask me if i thought catholic had a chance to go up there and vidy banjul and i i just said i don't know of catholic can score and they get they didn't score offensively uh but they blocked upon touchdown they had a pick six put the bear defense is playing out standing right now and you go back and look at how they played over the last half of the season arguably you'll probably topfive even in the state all classifications than when you're playing defense give yourself a chance to win the playoffs you know vangel has lost twice at home i think in the last ten years in both of those tunnels for catholic a drug last three years in the playoffs is this and i was thinking about this this week the fiveyear history of the selects division in the split is that the biggest upset that we've seen it's up there uh you know maybe i think big joe's would be curtis my my take that 'cause i was entitled day it's close i i'm gonna tell you what so i didn't give traffic any chance to win but i didn't give us any chance to win up there an evangelist bad heart.

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