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On facebook. Tony cats radio gets there from Tony cats. Dot com as well. Now, I. I've been talking about the rage society. Right. The the rage that is existence. Existing in America that has no end in sight, and the rage that has to keep anybody from possibly working together, the rage that has set in to make people say, you know, what can't have a political enemies. None of no just destroy them. Can't disagree Justice. Try them. I see this tremendously on the political left. I know it's going to grow in the political light political, right? There are places where that I I'm not telling you shouldn't be angry. This isn't a conversation to me saying don't be angry this conversation about rage and the proactive steps being taken. To destroy people. With whom you have a disagreements the House Judiciary committee has a democrat by the name of Joe nephew, say any democrat of Colorado. He has told constituents. That it is very likely. That Cavanaugh meaning bread Kavanagh, meaning.

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