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Is a dagger aimed at the heart of the healthcare protections. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to begin confirmation hearings in the next two weeks and a vote by the full Senate could come by the end of October, right before the election on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T o P News just ahead on w T O P. Prince George's County reaches a multi million dollars settlement related to the shooting death of a handcuffed man. 4 34, And finally, another eight conservative judges were confirmed today. Yes, at eight more to the winning column. That's awesome. I never get sick of winning Judge's air great, but I'm worried about this favored nation idea. I hadn't heard of that. What's the deal? Well, we believe in America and the free market. Yeah, of course, And that's why America came roaring back before this virus derailed it, and it's how we're going to beat this virus to exactly American vaccines and cures developed right here. I'm going to knock it out. So what's the problem? Well, this favored nation plan installs price controls in America directly from countries with socialized medicine. And it's going into effect soon. Socialist price controls from foreign countries That's not winning. I know and their policies will do the same thing here they did. They're fewer new cures less access to treatments and lost jobs. For Americans. We have to reverse this favored nation order and get backto winning paid for by Americans for tax reform visit no price controls dot org's GOP and for 35. Investigators say a man was shot multiple times by a Prince George's county police officer in January as he said, handcuffed in a police cruiser. Now the family of that D C man has reached a settlement with Prince George's County in the case, and it's considered one of the largest settlements of its kind in the nation. She addressed the family of William Green. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I understand that this will not bring back your son and Prince George's County executive, Angela Alsobrooks, announced a $20 million settlement with them over Green's death. Green was killed in January and the officer accused of shooting him. Michael Owen is charged with second degree murder. The family's attorney, Billy Murphy, What drove this settlement was the reality that if there had been a trial The verdict could have been catastrophic catastrophically Hi Rene's cousin Nicky Owens. This settlement with necessary for us to move on and move past this, but we still have a criminal trial to get through. We still have a grieving process to continue like Murillo. W. T. O P knew the lone Louisville, Kentucky detective charged in connection with the March shooting death of Briana Taylor has pleaded not guilty today brought Hank Pistons plea comes five days after a grand jury indicted him on three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into the home of Taylor's neighbors. And cousins lawyer asked his client be allowed to keep guns for self defense, He said Hankerson has received a number of threats, but the judge turned down that request. The grand jury declined to charge Hankerson or two other officers in Taylor shooting and that is set off protests in Louisville and across the country. Today, Louisville's mayor lifted the curfew. That had been in place after many people refused to stop their nighttime protests Coming up on w. T. O P, a large hospital chain that includes a local hospital is hit by a cyber attack for 37. Here's Joma Creo, Federal channel business manager at Poly on enhancing the work from home experience for federal employees sponsored by Polly. I think the key, especially in a remote environment is engagement. Employees need to be engaged. They need to be talking. And if the subject matter isn't relevant for them, or they're not the right person. Meaning. I think those are things that have to be looked at, as well as keeping that regular Caden Stone with meetings. I think a lot of this is just good business practice. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network search Polly for the foreseeable future, where and how we work will continue to change. What.

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