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You you I mean your I I thought your team really battled I mean they they came out played hard right from the start in defensively yet yet limited the Chargers you made a really one dimensional they they want up sixteen carries on the game for thirty five yards yeah it a little bit surprising but you know sometimes things he would even though they saw that we had a hard time with the run last week they they still want to come out and play their game and they didn't take the bait and try and pounded honest and thanks for credit when they did run the ball we were much better obviously this week yeah I know you haven't seen the film but again my eyes appear yet if they get a couple of guys in for the first time in Alexander Johnson and Mike Purcell I I thought both those guys flashed a bit for young defense yeah you know it's always hard to see you have a better view of Purcell might be doing than I do but obviously AJ made some big plays could I had a second pick their I thought he would play good but I knew there'd be some trick trials and tribulations along the way he did make some mistakes that we didn't pay for but really happy for those two guys but I'm I'm just happy for all of the players no question final thought I mention the Chargers couldn't really run the ball you guys did in Iran it when you have to I got a little sticky in the second half of thirty two carries in the game for a hundred ninety one yards that's that's an average of six yards per carry they have with those average then feel like we're again six yards a carry we pop a couple big ones which were big yep and I was not happy to see us get the field goal at the end there obviously you know the last drive you know we're weeds it looks like we're just let them go down the field but it was just the percentages wise even if they've got the onside kick they would have had time for one hell merry so although it was painful to do that at the end I think it was the right thing to do no question about a congratulations go tap for it I thank you that that is Dave Logan with Vic Fangio a victorious.

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