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That woman wouldn't walk through the streets of her own district without security because she'd be shot to hell might steal her purse. Maybe her triple crown. We've it's a huge secondary market for fake care just like houston murders in houston's in it murder and shootings in atlanta are up forty percent while in the city are down by forty three percent as atlanta's police force remains more four hundred officers under its authorized level. You know why because cops don't want to be working in major urban areas. Where win the bad guy tries to kill them and they have to shoot back there. Call for murder where win. The bad guy has all the support of mayor in the city council in the media and the cops are in a no win situation. Leave the cities to the thugs. The thugs that are the mayor's thugs on the city council. The thug chiefs of police who have decided to take their orders from their political puppeteers. The mayor's is poor police officers. They don't even live in the cities. Anyway you know what you don't want police officers don't live in the cities where they were major cities because they know how bad the crime is worse than anybody does. the atlanta journal constitution reports atlanta. Police have investigated sixty four homicide cases this year. A fifty eight percent increase over this time last year the surge follows a historically deadly twenty twenty when authorities investigated one hundred fifty seven homicide cases the most more than two decades mayor kisha lance bottoms blamed herself black lives matter critical race theory and the media for agitating blacks to kill other people. Sorry no she didn't. She has referred to the spike in violence as cova crimewave. Let me ask you this. Did you ever during the course of the past year. Think to yourself man cove got got me really upset. I think i'm gonna go kill somebody. What what the confused. How would covert have anything to do with the crimewave. We'll blame everything else for cove it. I think it's trump's fall. Trump's one killing 'em the atlanta journal constitution reports that the city's death toll continues toll continues to mount as more jordan's get vaccinated and life returns to normal as of june atlanta's murders are up and shootings have increased by forty percent. According to the latest data overall arrests are down by forty three percent as atlanta's police force remains more than four hundred officers under.

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