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But Taylor swift has broken her political silence and endorsed Democrats, Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper in Tennessee for the US house and Senate races. She did this on Instagram. Stunning. Pop culture and political world with a lengthy and passionate post in which she endorsed. Democrats, and she wrote she wrote this in the past I've been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and the world in the past couple of years, I feel very differently about that. Now, SWIFT's endorsement could be a boon for Bresson a centrist who had recently angered some Democrats by saying he he would have voted to confirm break Cavanaugh to the supreme court. Now, you may think she's coming out as brave by making these political endorsements, but we also had happened to Kanye west when he tried to voice his support for Donald Trump. No, I did not. Yeah. That's interesting. I did not see the Saturday Night Live where they sort of hit back at Connie's rant the week before. Did you have? There was a funny. It was really fun. And it was actually really funny Pete Davidson says I know you're wondering why I'm responding to the Kanye west when we have Michael J here. But you know, Michael J represents Connie's blackness I represent his crazy. Vocally announced mental health is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's so funny. It's really very funny. Well, you're right. I'm not sure though, it'll be interesting. What it's Tennessee. Right. She's a city Tennessee and Tennessee is way hard, right? Isn't it? Yeah. And she's not gonna left showing centrist. Right. Well, she endorsed to Democrats. But the one of the democrat will be interesting if she could pull it over a little bit variant. Yeah. Yeah. Look, you do you do pose a risk right by coming up because you do risk alienating. Are your audience rather? Yes. These days people tend to NFL is any example, it looks like people vote with their wall fell all these companies that either. It goes the other way saying you risk alienating half of your audience of your customer base. It's it is risky. Back here in LA county, deputies stopped thousands of innocent Latinos on the five freeway in hopes of their next big drug bust. This story originally by the L A times, and it showed that more than two thirds of the drivers pulled over by the domestic highway enforcement team were Latino this. According to the LA times analysis a sheriff's department data. They searched the vehicles of more than thirty five hundred drivers who turned out to have no drugs or other illegal items, the analysis found the overwhelming majority of those were Latino now in addition to that we have to give you the numbers of what they did find in twenty twelve they boasted a large haul more than a ton of methamphetamine two tons of marijuana six hundred pounds of cocaine millions of dollars in suspected drug money and more than a thousand arrests by this method. So. So it works. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing. They're saying, well, they're pulling over these innocent Latino people, but look I'm not against profiling. I mean, I'm sorry, but countries like Israel do it because it's the only possible way to keep them safe. And if you've done nothing wrong if I was pulled over and done nothing wrong. Then I figure it out pretty quickly. Get I get a cavity. Search practically every time I go to the airport and ridiculous your doctor drill sometimes called me by name. And they still go. Stupid system. You know, what I feel like it's my civic duty. I don't care. I'm talking about not using already know who you are. And they're still searching you. But point is when they do that. And they sometimes do very aggressively. My thing is I fine. The numbers show that a majority of the drugs are being illegally brought into our state by Latinos than it makes sense that we would put an extra search out there. Right. I wonder if they said two thirds of what they checked Latinas. What's the percentage of Latino drivers on? Right. I would think so your driver's accounted for sixty nine percent of the deputy stops, according to the California Highway Patrol many policing traffic violations on the same section of freeway pulled over nearly three hundred seventy eight thousand motorists during the same period. With what looks like it up in San Francisco. Apparently, the tenderloin and the neighborhood called so Ma or south of market are San Francisco's safe sites. If you're a drug dealer, you can walk through the tenderloin Civic Center, south of market and the mission and easily spot men. Handing over little plastic Baggies with drugs in exchange for cash like it's no big thing. It happens in broad daylight in front of pedestrians even in front of police. What what is this whole district about this where you're supposed to buy drugs? I mean, look it's a neighborhood like any other neighborhood, and they're just saying that they're so brazen and they're so. Officially a safe zone for drug. Do you know who's making official safety San Francisco. I can't believe any just saying that this goes on. So. In the middle of daylight at the police aren't even reacting to it supervisor Rafael Mendel men said he's gotten complaints from the homeless people there that they're afraid to use restrooms into Dolores park because they've been taken over by the drug dealers. And then there's a nonprofit that turns trailers and old municipal buses into showers and restrooms for the homeless people it stationed right outside the main library and staffers say they used to see one or two drug dealers milling around and now in the past month that's about fifteen on average. And they say the dealers are so brazen they plant themselves in the chairs of this nonprofit beneath the nonprofits awning, while the non-profit has already had to cancel the sessions for these showers because drug dealers just take over the whole thing. That's crazy. Right. Yes. That's crazy. Hey, good times. Yeah. Good times. Are you paying but three million dollars for four hundred square foot apartment at you have open drug dealing stormy Daniels made an apology over the weekend. She says she's sorry for mocking. Donald Trump's penis. Why it's so funny. She told a reporter, Liz Hayes of Australia's sixty minutes. She said, I actually feel pretty terrible about it. Because in a way, it's body shaming. Oh. This is I I live in the upside down like the world is upside down. Right. It's official now. I mean, yeah. Yeah. Thank you. I mean, look she wrote that book, and that's all anybody wanted to read about right? What did the president's junk look like? And she described it in hilarious way. And now she feels bad about it. Oh. Speaking of size, really does matter when it comes to fertility. Dr drew. Oh, yeah. A new study suggests men who are infertile are also less well endowed now, wait a minute. Now, that's an association. Yeah. They they should then we check the fertility clinics and see if everyone is equal in a clinic when the stuff is made in a Petri dish. And then implanted right? Then you would be able to say that the well endowed actually have the advantage study is the first of its kind to Adelphi an association between shorter penile length and male infertility. So having a shorter appendage was more common in men who are struggling to conceive than in those with other genital health problems. It makes sense. Yeah. Wait, does it make sense? Why no sector fertility? How big your junk is. I mean it. I think what they're suggesting is that somehow the proximity to the cervical off yet further up and ask. Yes. And what I'm saying right here up the spout. If you will. I'm saying. Maybe that fertility is independent of the of the anatomical structure or maybe stay. No, I understand. And so what I'm saying is if you looked at people at fertility clinics that were mixing it up in the Petri dish. Then you would have your answer is it really evolutionary advantage that persist in spite of the mechanics. Oh, I see what you're saying. Wasn't that the and forgive me? This is gonna sound crew that the thought behind why African Americans had larger genitalia because they were used to copulating in odd places like. However. It's interesting, but other primates that doesn't necessarily bear out out there. And what what I've often heard is it just your your appendages just a human appendages lengthened in heart environments is aware debating heat another. Yeah. That's why once he goes swimming wanna show anything off that's a little different. But yes, you do conserve your heat that that's a little what's called the cream hysteric response. That's because you're protecting something that needs the heat. Oh, interesting. It's a little bit. Steve. So much about male anatomy, Steve has his finger on the drop button and the bell at the same time his trigger finger. You're at. Okay. Rare polio like paralyzing disorders affecting kids. And it's on the rise. According to the CDC, you're gonna tell me how accurate that says the centers for disease control says a rare, but potentially severe condition that causes weakness or paralysis and the arms and legs is on the rise. And it mainly affects kids it's called acute flaccid myelogenous. Yeah. And CDC received three hundred and sixty two cases from August twenty fourteen to twenty eighteen they don't seem to know where it's coming from the right now, it's an introvert. That's right. Virus virus versus a shift and change and mutate all the time. That's why they persist they probably came from outer space from trillions and trillions of years ago. Wait really is that true or some of them, probably viruses? Come from outer space bacterium and viruses probably stuff came in from. Sure. I mean, what stuff comes from, you know, from asteroids and comets and things hitting the planet. Stuff comes with it. And we don't know to what extent and point is viruses are extremely malleable. They can they can really adapt. They change all the time and their DNA in their genetics. And as such they're always changing what they do to us too. So this is this is a particular that sounds like a particular horrifying keyed flaccid also known as a again, we may need a vaccine against this. It's known to hit the nervous system by traveling through the spinal cord and symptoms can include sudden, arm leg. Weakness, drop drooping eyelids facial, weakness difficulty, moving eyes, and slurred, speech difficulty swallowing imagine. If you don't know what your kid. Suffering is it reversible to be done? Who says if your child is experiencing any of these symptoms contact your healthcare provider, and they are sending out obviously, like an alert doctors, of course, would be on the lookout. Okay. Federal judge has ruled against Jeff Sessions effort to hit sanctuary cities by holding off on their grant funding at the same time city attorney here in Los Angeles. Mike fewer expands a lawsuit against the Trump administration over law enforcement grants to in one here. Now, we've been saying all along we didn't understand how California or the city of Los Angeles can just decide where sanctuary city, we're not gonna follow federal immigration law and get away with it and the reaction by the Trump administration has been to try and. Force so-called sanctuary cities to cooperate with immigration enforcement efforts or they would not receive federal grant money. And now a federal district court has ruled that unconstitutional. And so what's that gonna mean? I don't know why. I mean, why is the city allowed to? To basically give the middle finger to your favorite immigration. Yeah. And now our city attorney, Mike fior is spending more of our tax dollars. Expanding a lawsuit against the Trump administration over law enforcement grants. He says Los Angeles continues to be in the forefront of standing up to the Trump administration's repeated efforts to hold federal public safety funding hostage by illegally imposing civil immigration enforcement conditions on local law enforcement, how illegal and how is that the federal law trumps, everything exactly. That's why I'm confused about this judge's ruling. We when Michael Wilson comes at hold that article out. We'll ask him. Yeah. Good question. Michael wilson. We'll get more on that. In a moment. Millennials. They're ruining everything. And now they're accused of killing relationships. Of course, according to Tinder millennials are single Nazari, and they're making the choice to live life solo intentionally according to a new survey from the dating app, Tinder millennials invest more time.

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