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Yes yes yes. Yes where? There is no vision. The People Perish proverbs twenty nine eighteen or there is no vision. The People Perish. Alemi read the actual versity says where there is no vision. The people perish but he that keep the law. Happy IS HE PROVERBS. Twenty nine eighteen. What does that have to do with today's show? Well I believe where there is no visit them. Your digital marketing dreams will perish visit the I. S. M. V. I s. m. v. stands for video reviews. Were there are no video reviews? People don't believe you images you got images to your website s search engine content and M. Moore reviews you can never have enough reviews and so we have a man on today. Show and is incredible. Wife who are sort of the Strongest implementers of this outside of I would say elephant in the room or S- Pearl. Cpa's up there. In Canada in Devon Conference you got a chance to meet a lot of our clients. That are having huge. Wins Right now. Oh Yeah and you've helped build one of their websites correct but let's talk about this for a second if I'm out there listening right now and you say clay. Give me an example okay. Let's do it. I'm GonNa do a search right now for let's do a search for Tulsa men's haircuts. Let's do a search for Tulsa men's haircuts. I'm doing a search for it right now. Okay and let's do a search right now for Joplin gyms. We'll do a search for those two side by side comparison. Here we got got Joplin gyms and you've got Tulsa men's haircuts. Those are the two search terms. I want everybody to search right now for Tulsa men's haircuts and do a search for Joplin gyms all right so when you search for Tulsa Men's haircuts. Why does the elephant in the room? My business come up top twice. Why in the first three results? Why am I two of those results? It a that's a good question. Perhaps if you don't have a visit them you don't have a vision you don't show up people can't find you. They can't see you online. Think about this for a second. Why videos so you see. My website comes up on the first two of the three listings then underneath that you see yelp so I'm three of the two of the I four then I'm another video another video and another videos. I have one two three four five five of the first seven listings are me then. There's another yelp and then there's me well that's that's a lot at six and then there's more me that's seven and then there's seven of the first twelve listings in the search result. Well why because I have now. My job is to make things simple and repeatable that are complex so somebody out there devon might say well what books should. I read to validate this idea. All right so I'm going to read off the book and I'm GonNa try to read up nice and slow like a pro as opposed to Super fast like an ass and that way listeners can take notes and find these books okay. There's one book called search engine for dummies written by Bruce Clay. That's a great book for everyone to read. He's not a charlatan. It's called search engine for dummies for a good time. Read search engine for dummies to read. Get Rich Click by mark astrology kit rich click by Mark Ostrovsky. The only Internet marketing book endorsed by Steve. Wozniak CO founder of Apple Co founder of apple is doing okay financially and he endorses get rich. Click how Google works by Eric Schmidt. How Google works by Eric Schmidt? How Google Works Eric Schmidt get that get that book and when you get that book get yourself the re targeting playbook by Adam Burke by Adam retargeting playbook all right. Get that book the next book. I encourage you to read a an incredible book. Here called the art the art of Seo the art of Seo and you clay. Where are you getting this? This list This this list is in my head and I'm trying to a slow enough of the pace so that everybody out there who can type it. A decent speed per minute can can type along with us here. So it's dead. Can you help me review the books? We just recommended again for the listeners. Out There Oh yeah I'll be your echo guy. It's like the rap group back in the day run. Dmc One guy's Rapid Aiko's at your thing and I'll just bring some echoes number one search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay number to get rich click by Mark. Strauss teased number three. How Google works by Eric Schmidt Schmidt number fool retargeting playbook by Adam Burke and the number five the art of Seo. Now why? Why am I saying that right there? I just gave you guys about three thousand pages to read and I feel like if I'm a really good teacher now. I WanNa make sure listeners. Get this I'm Devin. We had a conference where we had a lot of people attend. Yeah and We were able to get A lot of we had Two hundred and fifty people there two hundred eighty five people and the vast majority of the business owners who attend have become multimillionaires since working with us which is cool them weren't multimillionaires dead. What's coors you've seen like How long have you been working with me now? it's been a little over five years so you've seen five of my thirteen years of business coaching and that's pretty cool for you. To see the people we first started working with either success stories. Corey Mentor and Dr Edwards. A lot of people were around before you joined the team but in that kind of fun to see people. Actually that's really cool now. Albert Einstein says if you can't now again I just he says if you can't teach he says if you can't make the quote here this is the court he says if you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough so I got to thinking years ago. Thirteen years ago. I'm a really bad teacher because I would be up there. Teaching about canonical compliance and wordpress who the founder Matt Molin Wag of wordpress the connection between wordpress and Google and Bill Campbell. Being the coach for you know the founders of Google as well as the founder founders for facebook and and the connection between Amazon and all this and and people would leave going. I don't know what that was but I don't get it and I'm going. No no no no. It's easy I would teach it again. They wouldn't get it and I have been really thinking hard about this idea and I'm just going to tell you this again where there is no visit them. Your digital marketing dreams will perish. What does that mean? It means what you have no visit them. There is no visibility. There is no vision. People can't find you. It's like you're hiding your business so what I wanted to do today is I'm GonNa Bring on a guest. Who is doing it the best so that you can see. Does he pass the test? So let's talk about this video reviews. Step one for the video reviews. You can't be terrible. Your service cannot be terrible. You can learn this system and go out there and try to get video reviews..

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