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I wasn't really salting you I told you I'm not leaving for the dog hi I know show that she's calling with I don't hold her dog every scene every single dog jumping on the dark and now she's calling the car I don't think I call the cops if couple Dogstar getting it on I don't think I make that nine one one phone call there I don't know what if it's a what if the owner won't do anything one of the owner of this it's gonna say assaulting your dog what one of the owner what if you don't want your dog home and the owner of the dog it's doing humping won't do anything well that's what you got to go over there and kick the dog sometimes I get a kick the dog I recommended stroke against that that is a hundred percent not what you do in mid stroke Hillary Clinton went down to a southern church this past year she attended service they gave her a microphone and because she thought she was in the Deep South she channeled that old Arkansas Hillary that'll Hillary Rodham and faked a southern accent Reverend green get up green and when that spirit is breed into them and they start climbing out of that valley the first place they go always to register to vote you know I've heard Corey preach yeah Mrs so will you know you know I mean he he he you just get ready she saw one likable just unbelievably unlikable so what we did here to hammer Nigel show said she wants to act like a country music singer and we put that.

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