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Transportation was tweeting that group that continue to go down Fourth Avenue tagging more buildings. Eventually, they made it back up to Capitol Hill. And by the time we got there, a few of the fires that had been started had since been put out. What remained was a foam filled intersection just a block away from the East Precinct. A few officers then rushed in and pushed protesters back towards Cale Anderson Park. From there, we saw about a half a dozen SPD cruisers essentially doing laps around the park. Officers were not going into the park itself, and then another fire at 11th and Olive Seattle fire, telling US crews put it out. Officers arrested at least 10 people last night. Several businesses in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood are recovering from damage from Vandals. This week. Coma Suzanne phone reports. A community is trying to help. We're here in 11th Avenue, and on this block three different places were target by Vandals, including this church, All my Bob restaurants in Hugo House. Surveillance video shows what Vandals did to Oma bop to windows their shattered this week, Vandals damaged several others. Last month, the owner of Omagh Bob talked with us by phone. Yes, I do have insurance. But people don't understand is that It's just been extremely hard to first operated business. In this covert era word spread on social media about the local businesses damaged. This message is from Seattleites for Justice. Oma Bob Rahman, Don Beau Hale. I don't know what happened, But we is concerned. Members of the Seattle community would like to help you out. Is there a way we can get funding to help you repair? Let's go. Meow. Suzanne Fawn reporting a 19 year old is sitting behind bars after police say he had a mortar type explosive on him during a protest Thursday night. Police follow that man caring around a bottle of clear liquid and then took off when officers tried to approach him. Shortly afterwards, police arrested him and found what they call a homemade mortar style explosive. These are the same type of incendiary devices. Peanut, some protests. We spoke with the county prosecutor's office. He says It will take time before coming down with a decision on whether or not to charge the kid getting prosecutor's office takes actual violence and property destruction very seriously. And when we had this case that would refer to us even with initial information for a first appearance, we wanted to go before a judge and ask that person to help. Momo's Michelle Esteban. Most people arrested during protests are charged with some type of misdemeanor, however, this man could face felony charges. Coma news time is 3 34. Let's hear from Evan Smith. He's keeping an eye on our roads..

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