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So president trump fulfilled one of his campaign promises and you say this is not a good thing backing out of the iran nuclear pact or just talking with daniel mckay adams about that who's of course with the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity but you are issuing some pretty dire predictions if this goes through as follows correct oh yeah we don't we don't say what's good or bad we're political atheist we just look at the information and give trend forecasts so according to what's happened and what the implications will be that's what we make our forecasts on and forecast with this latest foreign policy move by the president is administration are what well we made this forecast by the way about three weeks after trump got elected and we said that if he pushes through with what he promises about getting out of the iranian deal these are going to be some of the implications and among the implications you're seeing the spike in oil prices went up over three percent today we saw that before the president had actually made his decision that we'd seen oil prices going higher was it's oil prices have gone up fifty percent in the year and and part of that push again in looking at this is looking at saudi arabia and one of the things sow the saudi crown prince has been saying they wanna have oil between eighty and a hundred dollars a barrel because that's what it takes for it takes one hundred eighty according to the ins it takes eighty seven dollars a barrel for their konami to break even their balanced budgets to balance and right now they have a they have a thirteen percent unemployment rate and two thirds of shots state jobs so they want higher oil prices so now we're looking at and we putting it back into perspective the trump tax cuts according to the tax policy center for the middle class is around nine hundred thirty dollars now we've already eaten into half of that with the check with.

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