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We're talking about the fly when I had to had to tell you, I know they didn't play totally ripped off the alien poster for that one they did, oh my God. Like that's just too obvious, but they got the fly leg got the Goldblum hand and it's ready to go. Now, when was the first time you saw this? I saw this around the same time. I saw the thing. So probably when middle school early high school and it really it was it was a part of my love affair with the body horse sub-genre. And now I did have great special effects and makeup work, but also featured really two great performances that maybe just fall in love with the film itself. All that stuff is cool, but it's a relationship between Jeff Goldblum, Jim Davis, it makes the movie might be absolutely. And then you have all your showing, though the horror elements and stuff like that and speaking of which I need to think Costa out there. So apparently not watching this very moment, but eventually. So let's and think Andy Ma. August, and she's gone. Any mugger he got in contact with Chris Wallace, the guy who did the special effects of this movie and he was like, hey, maybe you can do a live interview or something or talked to him while you're on your apparently, Chris Wallace hearing is going little bit lately. So a hard from do live interviews, but hopefully we're not gonna put his part in, don't put his party when you send it to him, but but he is nice enough to probably watch the review that we're going to do so because he had directed the second one the fly to and he wanted kademi award for special effects for this movie. So that's fucking awesome. That Andy Maga. I think that's how you say it. Yeah, I think so. It was like, yeah, I totally cool with him. He keeps all the old hor guys together and easily telling me all these things about how he's like this really cool guy guy. And so apparently this review is going to get pushed him at some boy, and that got to be super stoked because it's like we're gonna talk about that. The last thirty minutes of this review goes off the rails. I wanna. Thank you just first foremost, Chris, Wallace thing. Yeah. And they mugger for letting us be seen by the people who make ships, and that's really, really do. But there's no pressure on us. That's what I'm saying pressure whatsoever. But for I'm done. Fuck I kid. But for me, though, I only talked to a few people about us doing this movie like, oh, what are you doing? Halloween like bold evil, dead Halloween, of course. And I was like the fly and actually said to Chris Cox, who you may know from the old days, you know, of him. Sites and stuff. He was just like, that holds up really well, and it was like, let me see what that is because he's a film nerd. He's one of the better film nerds have known just like nerd a geek about he's knowledgeable. He's knowledgeable, sounds like maybe or maybe not. I don't know because there's a lot of these movies, actually, we're gonna go over my top one hundred real quick in the YouTube commerce time, and he was like, oh, it holds up and I'm like, well, there's a lot of things that I saw over the course of this hundred episodes that didn't quite hold up. So that's all I really knew about it. I knew the golden turned into a fly and that people that use crazy and creepy and he's really good at it. That's all I really know. So there's not much to this film to get into and point thankful said like ninety minute Runtime perfect length film. Oh yeah. It's short and sweet and the end of my review. I kinda wanna point out about it that I really enjoy. But by the way, he's in the chat Mr. Magas in the chat. So shout and. Oh, thank you for putting in the work. So you know what before the before we start getting all live w. Thank if they've done this is getting into it. Let's get into nineteen was eighty six six hundred eighty six. Let's get into nineteen eighty sixes. The fly..

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