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Maybe you're hitting you're going for the home run shot here you know. Bring it back but I think he's doing that because because again it's like this might be the best. Look we're going to get here and like if you had better talent around him. I don't think he's a selfish player by any means I mean he's obviously top five in the league in assists per game so that's something right there with subpar talent. So he gets Ya. This is ridiculous. It was always ridiculous with booker. Now I guess it is happening with feels it's like. Oh yeah well. Somebody's got put up twenty eight nine or whatever like no there's all there's other garbage teams and they don't have guys doing that because the guys aren't on not superstar type of level. These guys are great players when they get better town around them they then get to show that to the more national audience which is awesome. He's increased. He's increased everything across the board. His field goal attempts is percentages is three point. Attempts is rebounds is assist. Everything is happy. And he's averaging twenty twenty seven point a game which I don't know it's probably bad tenth. The league this season sixth six okay. So he's I mean he. He's improving his numbers there but he doesn't have a lot of support a random but considering how many offensive possessions run through him. He's not like just chunking away now. Percentages are good. I think you're getting a good performance out of a guy who doesn't have have a whole lot of support and if these other guys Andre Hunter and camera nation and John Collins will continue to improve the hooks will be better but it takes time seeing seeing this question honestly makes me think maybe we should talk about Bradley beal more. He's right there with trae young scoring. He has an all-star pedigree. The Wizards are better than anybody. Thought they would be. And I don't know that that they've actually played a game on TV at this year. I haven't seen a single highlight Bradley. Beal is flying completely under the radar. Despite averaging being top scorer trae young is but you got to win games for people to talk about you. We're talking about trae young a lot more than Bradley beal. That's for sure I mean if John Collins doesn't get suspended I think. The hawks are much better than six. Twenty anyone as a recording this. I think they're they're help. They're probably the night scene. Let's say in the east so then by default. We're like Oh hawks walks you know. They made the jump here there in the playoff race early on. I think that would have been happening. That was really really unfortunate for the hawks growth. He's going back accidents. Let's good and there's still tons of time and they could you know win four games in a row and suddenly they're right there in ninth or something like that but it just was a bummer for trae. That's why I think you're seeing this frustration ration- of course like what are we doing here. But he's twenty one for a point guard at that age to still have this impact on these games. Offensively is something something to set up teammates and stuff like that so yeah. It's just a bit of a wasted half a season. I guess most still. It's it's it's pretty impressive. What both of these guys are doing in Luca and trae? It's just a matter to have more success right now is probably learning some stuff here. You know being the Solo Guy Being a guy who has to help others outlook assists and take these fourth-quarter shots and have double teams running at him. And the entire time so I don't know if it's I wasted half the season but in terms of their production production. Yeah there's a big drop off after John Collins on this roster that's just the way it is yeah so without John Collins. It's it's bad named the Third Best Hawk. Indiana hunter might be a player. One day maybe members decent player Kevin hurt her might be great one day cameras might be great one day. But you're asking Jabari Parker to be way better than he was. I mean there's just there's not. The answer is generally on most nights. None of those guys you just listed it is it's been Jabari. It's been incredibly Vince. Carter even Alex Len interest in in half the Hawks Games. That's those guys have been the the second best player on some nights and that's just not gonNA do. It's an interesting question. Data me though you think. The hawks would have twice as many wins now. If they just look back John Collins they'll they'll be playing all these guys major minutes. I think they'd have ten wins. When I was getting that I do? I mean they're getting smoked. That's the thing. The hawks have gotten beat pretty bad and a lot of these is games. Unfortunately and I mean trey songz putting up crazy numbers. I don't know exactly. He's one of them. What John Collins? I always not even like a juggernaut on that in turn around with their best bigs defensively. I think you'd be helping. I think it's it's soured in Atlanta after it started. Even when John Collins went down things were looking at all right. There are some close games there that they lost and now it's bad next question. He No dunkers. When I thirdly talk about not having a team due to being an ozzy like myself it reminded me of how I chose mine back in twenty ten? I wanted to follow a team that was under the radar not flashy flashy but had a good basketball culture and potential. I landed on the Pacers and never turned back. What's more I love a bargain more than anyone read? I am cheap. He wrote that their roster is full of bargain pickups like Tj warn my question what team represents you guys put aside your really agencies if you can and find a team that best represents you. That's from Justin. Where's he from Ozzy in Sweden? Weird travel don't you sure do. Yeah I think that's fun like okay. Obviously trae a Bulls Fan Pasini Raptors fans but if but if you had to put those allegiances to the side is there a team that represents you and why I'm the Houston Rockets. Why all offense? No defence aw they hate referees they like getting dressed up for games and they like science. I'm clearly a Houston Rockets. Their star is also a guy with a massive nerd and this one was actually pretty easy for for me. I tried to think of anybody else. Besides the rockets they don't necessarily want to be the rockets. But I think I am. I actually thought it was easy for myself too. I play fast when and I play. I like to think some decent perimeter defense I try on defense plan. Our pickup runs so by default. I think I'm the bucks because they lead the League in pace and they're one of the best defense in the league and then I started thinking about it next level one of my best friends. He's a great guy one of my other best friends. He's a silly told dude with curly early hair. One of my other best friend is white guy that just shoot three pointers tasio robin and your couch. Okay yeah I thought it I was going to be Ilias over the corporate with your kisses so yeah I guess I'm the box and their cream said well. Oh you too. Well I think for me it would have to be a team that is not flashy like the fundamentals of the game. Yes I had a playoff af whose name nickname was the big fundamental. I like the tradition. The Spurs really changed too much of a uniform or anything else they do so. I think it's got to be the San Antonio any icebergs texas-rival they try. Do you think you're struggling this year. you the track also in a similar vein I'm the warriors my best years are behind me riddled by injuries. So I'm starting from square one just keeping it simple. Try to fight again but all of a sudden I'll put together you get a little draft pick. Maybe a little bonus in my pocket GonNa be in front of the Pack Will Be a Well oiled machine very soon discovers expensive though tosses well worse like expensive thing to get along aaa today. I did all right next one here on the last beach stepping podcast. You guys talk about stars in the two thousands who have been forgotten my the question though which current NBA stars the Casual Fan in twenty thirty. Not Remember I'll put money on no-one remembering players like Andre Drummond or Evan -FORNIA in ten years ears turn up love you guys awesome. That's met 'EM I don't know about the Drummond Edition. Hear people forgetting about Drummond. Because he's going to have like stupid rebounding numbers and that might help his chances of like man not everybody loves everybody. Come on come on Guy I like this. I like that part of the email I haven't for new too easy ever for news about it. We had this. We had a topic. a couple of weeks ago. We're talking about players that are being overlooked this year in the present isn't of course he's going to be on that one. That was great. I'm saying I disagree with you. GotTa really got to reach former. all-star picking all star for okay. I got one. It's it's not a it's going to be well in addition for me. It's going to be Vuckovich. Same I mean guys an all-star these career averages are fifteen and ten career Harir. That's pretty damn good but I think he's going to be easily forgotten something. Something tells me well he doesn't have any real highlights. It's no playoff success. He's just play. Yeah yeah easily forgettable lamarcus Aldridge for me. That's take down. He's going into the hall of fame. You can lock that in seven time all star five time all NBA. He's going to have twenty thousand career points. His best a playoff performance was two thousand sixteen. Seventeen went to the western conference finals when Kobe was still Ballin as we know how that turned out the following on ZAS footing. And then it was all over with the Spurs. There's but lamarcus Aldridge like. He's just been chugging along chugging along chugging along it's GonNa be a long highlight tape of nineteen foot jumpers and everyone's GonNa say lamarcus Aldridge made seven all star teams. He did but even making the hall of fame is going to be on the level of a lot of guys in the hall of saying that nobody talks about totally true. When's the last time you had a conversation about Nate Thurmond Yeah I brought up Alex English when I was looking at a ball spin off the glass the other day but that's the only time he really comes up. It's it's not an insult he's great player. lamarcus Aldridge is a great player there in the hall. I had aldridge down as well. I think he will go to the hall. But there's cheating wise in terms of current star. Chris Middleton will be forgotten because he's already forgotten. Currently Paul millsap will be forgotten because he's already forgotten current lunatic But I think reaching a little bit I think demarcus cousins will be pretty forgotten. Because don't tell that Steve Kirby Just texted me. I can't believe that this episode yet numbers no playoff performances. Really Yep injuries I guess people talk about What else would they talk hill? Big Big numbers. I mean his best case will be people go in all man if he doesn't get injured the big. What if you we knew with other players because he did have obviously great numbers just didn't have a lot of teams took two for most of this is just doesn't stand out fun question? Great One matt next one of a storytime hear.

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