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Why would a company operating an the industrial pipeline. Have five different communication systems running to a pipe seems a bit excessive. Doesn't it not in the world of Industrials Cyber Security. It's not if you're listening to militias life. You're probably familiar with it security but whether you know about securing I mean nuclear power plants and other critical industrial facilities well. I've got just what you need the Industrial Security podcast hosted by Andrew Inter Inter vp of industrial security at waterfall security solutions and well known expert in the field and our very own nate Nelson senior producer of militias life. Here's Andrew Steak on the pipeline question. I've done a fair bit of work with pipeline companies over the years. I remember one company. uh-huh talked me about about their communications. I remember five levels of backups in their communication system. It was just crazy and the reason for all this this is that if you're dealing with an oil pipeline or a gas pipeline you've got flammable explosive contents in the pipeline and so there's a lot of regulations. There's laws about how you gotta manage the contents of the pipeline as I recall in some jurisdictions if you lose visibility into the operation of the pipeline you know let's say you lose communications. You can't see what a section of your pipeline is doing anymore. While now you're doing what's called flying being blind. You cannot see what's happening in a lot of jurisdictions by law you're you're able to fly the pipeline blind for for exactly thirty seconds and then by law you're required to shut it down within those thirty seconds you madly try all of your communications backups to try. Ryan restore communications so you can see the pipeline again and keep it running and if you can't by law you've got to lift the cage on the big red mushroom button and shut everything down subscribe to Waterfalls Industrial Security podcast in our podcast listening apps both on Ios android learn more about the podcast at what if all dash security dot COM.

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