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Really happy to have you here <hes> especially given the years of experience you have helping people with masters and Ph ds like just mentioned finding their path and I think a word. . That I think is really important is in the abundant number of career opportunities that are out there I think this one key thing that that people are going to. . Wealth people need to understand to kind of break this this feeling that they may be failing at life or at least at the their professional life if the. . End Up leaving academia after after graduate. . School. . Yeah it is. . It is. . So hard to describe when you see the light bulb come on somebody's head in new. . People people just say. . It. . Yeah. . And it. . It is. . What always of joys me on like just when somebody says down they felt or how lost or how they didn't know what to do, , and then they say that you I when you're okay now I just. . Found the way forward or hope or something you know you just why would why would have stopped? ? Doing what I'm doing I mean because that's the greatest thing you can do. . Even if you change one person's mind or sometimes I talk to one hundred people you know I think if I could. . Difference that many people but not like yourself day job what you're doing on your the more that can do it that more intense. . We can have and we can reach more people in our own countries or in different languages. . <hes> or different backgrounds. So . yeah, it's , it's cool to fail that there's more there's more of us than. . Doing this doing this thing. . You don't just listen think about being a PhD that just you just have this unique. . Bonding Experience With With with anybody else like I just met you but you know it just. . It's strange. . We everyone knows what they went through, , and then just you can just click with people and. . It's powerful as powerful stuff. . So as I mentioned, , we talked before about Chris's PhD and you can find our full one hour and a half conversation on the Papaya she youtube channel. . We eventually also talked about what led up to his post doc. . Chris. . Was Now considering after his post doc <hes>, , and after the his after applying to some lecturing positions and not having the materialize thinking. . Okay. . What am I going to do an end looking at the non-academic landscape and seeing where he was going to fit? ? How did you go about that? ? Were there appears around you who were also having that reflection. . How. . Was that process? ? How easy was that process or not easy? ? I was that that. . Exploration. Let's . say. . He is kind of mixed because I think on the one hand. . As I kept getting rejections from the academic jobs, , Kinda go to feeling of. . Like feeling of running out of time or this is this isn't going well. . If I could just get academic job everything would be. . Okay. . So that was like a downside to it but on the other hand you know. . I was really excited by the things that I was saying around me like like the Internet was something that was just really taking off in the late ninety s and I was just fascinated by the internet and this whole and. . I mean I. . I say Democratic Dissemination of information which is. . Not. . <hes> Disney triple the time easily, , but the way. . To access to information or study or learning the United. . States can be quite elitist or privileged or and causal money and time, , but just like the idea that. . The anybody can just access any type of information videos and things as well. . It was coming along time and could learn anything. . They had the Internet connection did just Exchange. . My view of the world and so excited me as an educator and as a scholar, , this potential and always really enthused by that and could see this trans transformative potential of it and so that's when I kind of thought. . Well, , this could be an area where. . You I would be happy and excited to work in, , and then I had to try and figure out. . Well, , how do I get to that from medieval studies? ? kind of like the opposite. . Of this new of this new techy technological thing. . But then I figured out. . There was this area of e e learning with a training where people were taking courses that which <unk>. . Clause three more even vote on a CD. . You know we're not making it to the web and I just thought is dies <unk>. . That's what I'm GONNA do. . I really had to look. . For jobs and companies. . looked. . Learning companies read white papers and things are. . Looking googling jobs, , you know learning jobs based training and I saw that they were these jobs out Aaron. . Didn't necessarily know how to do them. . I felt confident that if I applied job I reckon I could I could do that and so that was my plan B. Really that. . Stuff didn't work out then come at the end of my funding. . This was going to be. .

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