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He's the New Orleans, Pelicans, color, analyst and look. We know he's GonNa. Make light of. Of Zion's injury, right the leg cramps I only want to call it an injury, but we know he's going to you know. Brush it off Oh. It's no big deal, but we're GONNA. Ask Him and you know we'll see. We'll see if we can push him, but I think there's gotta be some concern, so he's a great guest to have at the bottom of the hour. So keep it locked for that are, but before we go there. Let's go back to story of the day. And this is the story of the day. It is been height up for more a few days now right route. Few Like. This big stories going to drop the album. Bobby Ready Oh. It's going to change you think changing. The name was a big deal. Big Right right right I mean and we knew how big of a deal changing the name is right, and you're right. That was essentially word for word what some people were saying and. Look is bad. There's no doubt about it. Obviously, our guys already have lost their job. Larry! Michael was the voice of the rats INS for sixteen years. He's gone. He retired. They gave him the dignity of walking out on his own, but we know what this was about. He walked out within the last week when they probably let him know. Hey, story is coming out. So it's big, but I thought it was. Rob Based on what I was reading. I thought it was going to be bigger. I thought it was going to be so big. The danced and I don't want to be little. I'm not belittling were happened because it's horrible. What happened to those women but I thought it was going to be something that was going to force. Dan Snyder the owner out like I. Thought he might be evolved actually I when I was reading this stuff I really thought he was going to be. Accused of some of this stuff, that's really what I thought and and I agree with you from this standpoint. We. Could we're not be literally. What happened not at all, but we could have read that thing today. Chris and right away multiple would have said. And we wouldn't bit I'll tongs. We would have said Dan Schneider done in Washington. He's he's out right. We would read. That's what we would've said or if he would have been involved no question, no question I know that today. Now I look I'm with him we. We asked them callers and we'll have calls again in about fifteen minutes. You guys. Down some Washington fans because they don't want him, clearly I get it. He's been let's just. Let's just look at it from a football. He's been terrible. Yeah, he's been terribly not get into his personality and other personal stuff from Footba standpoint. He's been terrible friend even though he wasn't involved in this, but he may have known I'm sure he knew something about what what kind of culture was underneath him. No doubt but this is under his watch I don't think he should lose his team because of it, but this is terrible to so from a football point. They've been terrible from a culture standpoint. There have been terrible. He hasn't gotten himself endeared himself to the fans, and so they want him out. That's one thing you are what we have two or three cars from. In DC, they clearly wanted him gone which. And, Chris we talked about it before earlier..

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