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As a police officer is to investigate and gather evidence gathered facts and presenting to the state attorney. That's what we did a stand behind the detectives investigation. He also says that it was the grand jury that indicted jussie smollet on just about twenty percent of the case that they had put together they only turn over about twenty percent of the evidence to the grand jury that returned the indictment. So the, you know, the assumption being could you imagine if we had turned over the entire case file this would have been a slam dunk case. And we wouldn't have a problem with that at all again and the decision by the state attorney and Cook County isn't necessarily that it wouldn't be a slam dunk case. They may have thought that it's that they were weighing the cost of all of this with the money. The time the effort in the likely result of it only being community service at that point. Along the lines. Also of the state attorney who recused herself when he was Kim FOX, and she was texting jussie smollet family at the request of a former Michelle Obama aide woman named Tina Chen. She was trying to get Kim FOX again, Cook County state attorney she was trying to get Kim FOX two. Push the Chicago police department to giving up the investigation to the FBI because she was complaining that there were too many leaks coming out of the Chicago police department leaks that were hurting this family. So throw it to the feds. And this thing will be on lockdown. But do you think I I think that she knew that that would have been a bad decision and she prevented that from happening? Actually, I think Kim FOX's smart enough. Now, she eventually called the police and said, listen, I got I have to recuse myself you're going to have to deal with my sister. And after this because I have been in contact with the family, etc. Etc. I think she realized had this gone to the FBI had they taken over this investigation. This guy would not get the pleasure of having a nice little news conference. Like he did today to think the state of Illinois for doing what they thought was right? I wouldn't be surprised if she asked the police superintendent to turn it over to the FBI because your guys are leaking information left, and right and he said go pound sand. This is our case where keeping it get ready for the presentation for your prosecutors because we're going to put this thing together. And then when she got the case, she said, you know, what? Oh, thanks, but no, we're not doing anything with this. You mentioned earlier the on the what often can happen. In between police agencies and prosecutors is bad blood for whatever cases get dropped before don't get prosecutor to get prosecuted incorrectly. The even if they had a good relationship bless you. You've had a good relationship going into this one the fraternal order of police the police union there in Chicago is blasting the state attorney's office for this and is suggesting that her conduct that Kim FOX's conduct in all of this was highly suspicious that she used or allowed political interference to get in the middle of all of this and eventually scuttle what was going to be. They believed a very successful prosecution of this and mayor Rahm Emanuel really stopping just short of saying that there is corruption at the state attorney's office. This is perfect. The term used a whitewashing of Justice. All right coming up next. Let's cleanse our palate. Shall we know more Jesse small let let's talk about things that you're not cleaning that you should before you eat, maybe a little more Jesse Smolin for the next thirty seconds. Why is that what you're gonna lead with? Yeah. Like, when's the last time you cleaned that keyboard Monica? I always use a Clorox wipe. My I have a sixteen closer at it. Pretty when you throw to traffic. Do this pick up the keyboard, turn it upside down and shake it a little bit. Oh now last time you cleaned your headphones, and that's on the list. Gary and Shannon. We'll continue just a moment..

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