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It till livered a good policy without sorta crisis. And now all as crisis for the conservative party the for serve the party ought to have just gradually disappeared. The serious conservatives would have been spokesman for the cultural interest in the liberal party, shall we say, but the Kosovars disappeared. So instead of getting what you're throughout the third quarter century, huge, liberal coalition where the radicals on the left can't see the wigs on the right there, so divided but kept alive by the continuing the conservatives as the polar opposite. And it means that all classrooms for ministers. Essentially the hobbled by internal division. So I think what would have had if conservatives behave themselves gone away, you would have had a division somewhere. Probably along big state. Little state lines within the liberal party was then of how to radical party emerge. That was not in hot to the trade unions. The trade unions going until the end of the century. And we were not genuinely Roddy who probably more Fabian, an interventionist party whereas win, the labor party comes along. It's not interventionist. It's not really redistributed. I maybe redistributing, I'm sorry. I'm wrong about that, but it's not going after power is not getting off to the house of lords. Oxford, jaw public schools is trying to redistribute wealth within broad in existing system. But an older radical party was the new Gladstone liberal would have gone for power. So we started with this cliche that to the Jacob re smoke line, which is that may risks making the great mistake that people make and splitting the party. And keeping the potty as power for generations. But on your account actually, the way this could have gone would have killed the conservative party together, and we should see this is the period of miracle of the conservative party that it's still the same party. It's still alive. Dan? Give the credit not that he had ideas or anything, but he had Guston can't show. They had I think there's more to Disraeli than just in. Can you had custody? I mean, I think the thing in a goes back, I think to something, which she says, actually, in one of his speeches on big speech. I think the Corneau's saying the party of the people in the party of England and that's what is rarely succeeded in keeping the conservative party, I think in the game because as the part of England part as the party of England and, and that is why it's not a coincidence. Then it's the ability to tie an English question as a critique of homo for island to empire. That is so central to the person who that really does reinvent. The conservative party is the dominant party in British policies, Lord Salisbury. The ability of Disraeli too key conservative..

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