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You are sonny blacks and listen. This is a friend of mine. This is a friend of ours. You're going to like him. he's a good guy once. He vouch from. You're like okay. I'll give this kid a chance. There's certainly something to be said for within corporate america you can feel shackled and i'm so grateful to you the now i get to be unshackled and to be unfettered and do whatever it is that you and i are going to do it again. Well this is what i'm excited about. Though and because buksh shabby has an eye for talent and boot shami who was sculpted his craft. And i'm so happy for him now that he's lead broadcaster for the cubs deserves it and that baseball town and that baseball management know-how he is at his job and value it. He has only said of two people in our entire life running through these circles. Hey you've got to get to know this person because this person has the kind of personality you would want to know. It's i any goal because he's got stand up comedy chops and it's you add man but i didn't feel i felt like you were affable as helen polished as hell. I enjoyed watching you. I enjoyed graceful. You're gliding through something like baseball tonight. Which is a very difficult show to do. And you glide through it. Because you're so professional. But i never felt like i got to know you on television meaningful way. No that's why. I'm so glad the way i was introduced to your show if you'll recall. We literally mike ryan calls because you have a couple of weeks to come on and there was some inane baseball topic we were doing and as i was on the show unbeknownst to me micron always so clever fades down. What i'm saying. And all of a sudden i'm gone and you guys are laughing hysterically. Okay we shut virk up. And i would pop back up and keep going and then go back down again. We did it three times that show and cheer credit when you texted me africa. Hey listen thanks for getting the gag like you don't know how many people we would do this too and they would be offended they would be upset and go. How dare you. I take umbrage with this type of action. i have opinions and things to say that. And i'm like damn i'm so grateful to be part of the gag. Make fun of me all good and this became by the way my calling i worked at. Espn almost nine years. And the number one thing people say to me now i work at mlb network in nhl number can zone podcast and they go. Hey i love when you go on laboratory go wait. You mean the ten seconds that i talk and then they shut me up and go. That was such great comedy. But boy it's about understanding the role and i think too often people say to themselves. They take themselves too seriously. They feel like they've got this bluster about the as you note these gas bags around us and if i have a quality and i appreciate those compliments gave me. I think it's that. I know not to take myself too seriously and i just appreciate being a member of the club. We're thrilled that you are and we're gonna make cool shit with adnan along the way because one of the things we wanna do it metal arc media. It's very something that's very important to me is to make sure that the next five or ten years of creative rebirth for some of these people that were with that. They're doing the best and free and most confident work of their career. And i can't wait for all of you to see what i believe. Our only glimpses that we've seen so far unless you're watching him with. Mlb disown where he has really blossomed into being. I believe his truest self..

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