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Because he's saying this could become seasonal and that is in essence the threat from this virus will always be there at some point will have vaccine will have treatments for people who contract it and I I think we'll get back to something very close to what we're used to but he may be right will never be one hundred percent in a pre all of it nineteen state of being see I disagree you're going to have that if you could mute that facetime call yeah sorry I disagree sorry about that I disagree I'll tell you why I think working from home is going to be the new normal not only because people are getting used to it may never tried it before it all this isn't too bad but also it's so much cheaper for business I mean look at it and the only thing is you have to get used to it like mute your facetime calls I mean I guess if you had a business where a sizeable number people working from home and it's working out just fine maybe that business says we don't need to rent flats feet of office space exactly the report house in square and liquid and look at that does not landlords get nailed restaurants in the area get nailed all the people are driving in so the cost of gas drops dramatically but then you have gas stations are not making as much money and a convenience stores won't be able to charge you nine dollars and fifty cents for a pint of milk and also argued ten fifty because nobody's coming in and they have to Jack up the prices around you can only go so far right there still is a supply and demand issue all right the USNS comfort's capacity has been cut in half number how they were supposed to treat non covet nineteen coronavirus patients now they do have to treat coronavirus patients.

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Jack discussed on Bill Handel

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