Diabetes, Intern, Dr John discussed on America's Morning News


Using available glucose And with active support from insulin level, which is already high in diabetics. So a wire scam that drop down into the love and damages incense. Bacteria in reaching the Langs multiply faster again because of the glucose levels. And then cause breathing difficulty Terry blockade of arteries could impede the immune response coming to the infected site and abdominal obesity could make it harder to breathe. Dr John the CDC estimating 84 million people have a pre diabetes 84% Don't even know they have it. What are some of the signs We should look for? Well, this is the main theme of my book. Remember diabetes, burial costs and like you're the first thing is to recognize Matt, that type of guy, But this is a lifestyle condition caused by diet and not a hormonal disease. And I explained that in my book the main problem icy grains Grain and grain flour foods break down to glucose that yourself, Bud. But glucose consumed in access off immediate use. Convert In the liver fatty acid to be stolen pad and that sets out for the idea to stay in the black and muscles begin using Ideas. This least group cause intern in the bloodstream, leading to high blood glucose and diabetic..

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