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O. r. e. okay so finishing up on drug interactions and this is a little bit challenging not talking about each specific diffic- agent and again. I'm probably going to cover more benzodiazepines as i go along but i just wanted to really get out a general <hes> podcast asked <hes> with the basics of benzodiazepines <hes> but first off there is an absolute boxed warning <hes> with the use of opioids and the big risk with opioids in combination with benzodiazepine is patients aren't much much greater risk for sedation respiratory depression in ultimately death <hes> basically in a in a setting of overdose high doses <hes> these patients are are at risk of respiratory depression and there's other risk factors as well. <hes> you know obesity sleep apnea things like that <hes> breathing difficulties already as somebody likes that has c._o._p._d. For example that may exacerbate this risk as well <hes> but bengals in opioids are really a combination <hes> for all intents and purposes you really wanna try to avoid if you can if we're using both of these agents <hes> you definitely want to look at the doses high doses are <hes> that's going to kind of play into that risk and you also want to watch monitor these these patients closely and recognize if they're at risk <hes> for this respiratory depression and for things to happen so very very important opioids and benzes <hes> <hes> in general if we can avoid it absolutely <hes> should should be trying to do out other drugs <hes> that i wanted to talk talk about that you can really have some additive <hes> type effects on top of benzodiazepines so remember the z drugs so those are commonly used for insomnia. I don't think i've done a podcast on them yet but that may be coming up soon. These drugs essentially have a pretty similar mm-hmm alert mechanism <hes> to the way that benza days appears to work so you're basically going to double up on those <hes> sedative <hes> tight c._n._s. type side effects so keep that in mind <hes> you know if you see a patient on both of these remind the patient that these do work works similarly <hes> and probably two to avoid taking them together. <hes> you know obviously you got to do a little bit of background and see what the patient's currently doing in their background macaroni history <hes> but yes that those that class of drugs <hes> definitely can't have additive effects <hes> other <hes> c._n._s. suppressants that i wanted to to run through so you know you think your life and hydra means you're hydroxy zine jock zillions of those anti cholinergic <hes> those can certainly be sedating and added with a benz as a team. I can really ramp up that sedation melatonin something see used over the connor owner definitely ask and remind patients about over the counter medications if they are taking any <hes> some older skeletal muscle relaxants axles can certainly be dating. I think of cyclo benza preen <hes> maybe a backlog and things like that and then drugs of abuse this potentially <hes> so marijuana. That's obviously got some sedative type properties. <hes> you know when you combine some of these drugs you just for lack lack of a better term. You have no idea you don't know what's going to happen. <hes> in that setting <hes> alcohol's another one where you really you know pile on that that sedative sedative <hes> from the alcohol that sedative side effect that confusion side effect the mind altering effect of alcohol with benzoate as a team you they can can lead to challenges and additive type tape side effects and then of course we've got some older <hes> seizure medications search for a good example there <hes> that can feel barbara tall that can really have some sedative c._n._s. Type adverse affects wchs and you don't really need to be really careful and watch our patients that are taking these medications together so i think that's it's going to wrap up the benzodiazepine podcast today. If you enjoy the show leave us a rating review on itunes. I greatly appreciate those <hes> it really <hes> makes my day some days with some of the the nice comments and kind words and helps keep me going and motivated to try to help <hes> teach what i know and share pass along the information that that i pick up as i'm out there practicing as a pharmacist so yeah leave that rating view tunes wherever you're listening <hes> go snag that free free resource at real life pharmacology dot com that is a free thirty plus page p._d._f. Where you can get a hold of the top two hundred drugs and really highly testable things a great resource for young nurse young pharmacist young. You'll med student for example so go check that out as well now. I'm going to sign off for today. You can find me shoot me a message <hes> email at at med education wanna one at in track track me down and linked in as well air christianson. <hes> pharm d b._b._c. g._p. C._p._s. and i will sign offer today. Thanks thanks for listening..

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