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In a take at the war crimes trials of the nazi criminals that killed so many millions of people and he plays a german judge who convicted himself and it's a remarkable performance spencer tracy plays the prosecutor who is of course our supreme court justice jackson who took off from the supreme court to lead the tribunal's enorm bird it's a remarkable film and length we asked her again showing his rainsy playing an old man this incredible big powerful body and here he is shrivelled up and playing an old judge who knew he did wrong and just wanted to be hanged he wanted to die guilty or not and he had a defendant a defendant's lawyer max van sido trying to plead for his innocence burt lancaster wanted nothing to do with that his character he wanted to die here are some very personal stuff about this very private actor used to wear the most inexpensive close lie he where he had a pair khaki pants warm forever one per khaki pants and one coat that was a cover harris tweed did he calls thousand mile or and there was always a thai stuffed into the top pocket of the jacket heat walk into 21 he take thai out tire round ground is that can make a nice not and he'd walk and he looked classier more elegant than anybody in the room i remember once passing him when he was sitting in his dressing room news reading a book that i had read and i stop discussing whether i said he read much he said well i china through a book every day he never became apart of the hollywood inner circle i don't remember bird ever inviting in the studio executive or anybody else like that over to his health he hated premiers he hated really talking to the press when he was married for many years to norma the mother of his children they kept the very quietly live living in their home and belair loved his children who was a good father he had five kids there's three girls and two boys jimmy and billy am season sheila in joanne jimmy is the oldest is married my cousin anne as a matter of fact his major passion was bridge almost every saturday night there was a major bridge game going on over the lancaster house burt which show in is big round cadillac in.

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