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Ken barclay from becky. All right royal. Thank you is to be given out before the propagate returns for for the pool of props thank you very much to our guest. Today they were awesome rob zola pro. Sports better loved him. Josh norris odyssey's sports fantasy football insider loved him. Colin wilson action network. He's all late. He's fantastic thanks to rick camp. Thanks to tyler morales. Thanks to our video producer. Mike brown we know coming up after us. But mgm tonight with trista quinton and ryan four hour. Live betting extravaganza during cowboys bucks. That's going to be great again but mgm coming up after us. Michael jenkins chelsea messenger back tomorrow. Six to nine. Am eastern daily tip. And then joe's and erin joe. Gilio joe drowsy erin hawksworth nine. Am to noon. Bet you daily and then it is the monster friday edition of you better. You bet three to seven. Pm eastern myself and ken barclay massive pick segment. It's the not the power hour it's going to be like the power ninety minutes as we get to all our nfl. Beth for week. Number one of the national football league. Brad evans among the guests. Coming up tomorrow on a friday. You better you bet. Okay back to that royal props so. Cd-rom over receiving yards zeke over receiving yards curious. What you're going to think about this one. I don't know if i love this one. But i could be talked into it. I i like it for sure. We were talking about the tampa. Bay buccaneers running backs earlier in the show difficult. It's going to be kind of project. Them and the receivers as well on a week by week basis. Leonard fournette are ronald jones is still there. Giovanni bernard added to be like the james white for tom. Brady like the past. Like the obvious pass catching downs running back so for nets role kind of dissipates. There were that was for nets. Roll down the stretch last season when they won the super bowl championship. So i kind of think this game profiles as boxer playing from ahead bucks build a lead books are basically like bleeding. The clock out. When the game's outcome is no longer a down. And i think the running back that that most effects in a positive way is joe ronald jones so the next prop for the royal consideration roggio over forty nine and a half rushing yards. So can you walk me through. This tape is going to be winning a lot. So you'll have more like standard down runs like first and second down first and ten. Maybe second six second and five likely to have more conventional running plays so jones is the one that benefits in those situations. I think jones. Most i think jones is more likely to be like this standard like i down second down bryant out running back now. Four neck can also. It's bruce arians remember. We did that monday night. Game last what i'm saying like. Who did i bet over in..

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