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But I I mean, we talked a little bit last hour, but congratulations to Tim tebow and his fiancee, former Miss Universe. Demi lee. Miss universe. Two thousand seventeen. Impending nuts. I'm so excited. Hopefully, she likes Syracuse because that's likely where Tebas going to be playing baseball. And. I mean, look there's lots of fun things. There's there's the dome tallies. Change Thomas fun. Now, these are bars. I mean, that's a tear accuses. Yes. Tim tebow is all about the bar. I that's what it is. I mean, we're he'll be like Hasselhoff in Europe. I saw Tim tebow today on Syracuse. I remember being sought to Indianapolis for draft stuff. And remember we were there for for suit. When I was there for Super Bowl week, whatever there was a Tim tebow siding with Dr the crowd wild at Saint elmo's. He was eating at a table next to where I was and word got out and they're like four hundred people with their faces pressed against the glass. Uh-huh. Is also excited. They went to the Saint elmo's fired up. You gotta get a shrimp cocktail. And I've now gotten my obligatory reference to Saint elbows sure all sportscasters have to make at least one reference to that restaurant for the Super Bowl week. And the combine the other thing we saw today was a lot of mentions about audio Tim tebow who is professed to be a virgin for a long time. I haven't heard of talk about that in a while was just. A couple of people asked about it a couple of years ago and interviews I think, and you know, Tibo.

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