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All the time on KCBS. Shall we go to KCBS traffic and weather We've got the six day forecast dialed up and ready to go. But first traffic news from Lafayette's Highway 24 kids. We have another accident on Highway 24. Lafayette. The second accident this our backing up traffic eastbound 24. This one before. Okay. Road is an injury crash on the righthand shoulder. We've got two cars involved and the emergency crews on the way. Maybe they have arrived by now. We also had a crash. He's found 24 Mount Diablo. That one has been moved to the right hand shoulder was a four car crash. And that is why traffic is slow from before all colonies in the East bound direction, But as you continue towards the Walnut Creek Interchange, Nice ride on 6 80 in both directions through Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and conquered and I see just the typical slowing North bound to 42 merging onto highway for eastbound, and that is slow from 6 80 to Port Chicago Highway. That's very typical for this time of day, and we've got no problems for you right on the East Shore, nothing out of the ordinary, still slow and stretches eastbound Interstate 80 between Emeryville and Albany. And then that really moves well after that into Richmond. You know, and eventually Valeo right on the cockiness. Fridge. Also no problems there. Next update at 5 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. We need to talk about the man Seanie Sleep World Six Day forecast here to do just that is K p x five's Poul Hagen pretty typical late July weather for most of the week before a little.

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