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As boys millard fillmore and andrew johnson were indentured servants school in this early form of contract labor the master for all intents and purposes owned the servant for the length of his contract which was usually five to seven years the rights of an individual servant were in many respects comparable to the rights of a slave which were few obviously vilmorin johnson naturally didn't enjoy this type of servitude andrew johnson ran away the taylor he was indentured to placed an advertisement in the raleigh north carolina gazette offering a ten dollar reward for the capture in return of the future president unfortunately for the taylor johnson was never caught and went on to become president of the united states what an amazing i had no idea no you ever heard that straightening note fill more was indentured to a cloth maker and after serving his masters for several years he finally purchased his freedom for thirty dollars which is probably more like three thousand at that time he should look that what would it be whoa in what would thirty dollars be in today's number in today's money in about eighteen twenty also the confederacy at one point actually offered to abolish slavery strange you bet since that was what the civil war was fought over to begin with but they knew the imminent collapse of the government was coming so confederate president jefferson davis in march of 1865 notified england and france that the south would be willing to abolish slavery in exchange for diplomatic recognition.

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