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I'm Fred before we get back to baseball Blackhawks retweeted here and it looks like Reese Johnson. Matthew Highmore will get into line up liking and is the starting goalie tonight, So they're playing. Okay, Promise to take it on Columbus. Six o'clock need to be done fun need to beat them. Yeah, I need to get a win. They've lost three in a roll. One promise that goalie player from one from overtime and cane's got Kane's gotta Beria the puck and he had a couple opportunities the other day. He had 10 shots six on goal. You know, it's one of those things where you know it's just bad luck luck. Eddie would call it and at some point that's going to change. But imagine now. You know, we thought maybe things would be much worse. At least I did. We didn't know coming into the season with the goalie situation would look like and then all the sudden, you know we're playing. Okay, We're missing some key key parts, so hopefully we'll get to bring it back and the people there in cane's going to start scoring, and then we may be awesome. No, no other team in the NHL has is without their to their to frontline centers. Exactly. There's no tapes. No doctor. It's tough to win games. Right now. The Hawks are finding that Out. Let's go. Woodridge and Bill. Hey, Bill, what's going on? Maybe you're in for sports phone. How are you guys doing? Well, Bill, I knew it was you What's happening? Does three things and I'll make him quick. A lot of snow out here in Woodridge. I got to tell you, but you probably know that study anyway. Um, first thing is, I did not know the word on the street was the Jon Lester would have played for just about anything to remain in Chicago. I think that's really bad. I think he was done wrong. Um, he was a good egg. And why would you be probably got one more year? Maybe two. Is that? Why would you? Why would you gotta kick a guy to Washington Anyway? That's just my opinion. I didn't know it. Second thing is on the upside. I was thrilled to hear that the Cubs picked up John Peterson. Yeah. Yeah, we'll never when Jack came up with the Dodgers and hey, have Ah, Hi. Ah Hye bar to climb, so I haven't really followed him as of late, but hopefully they're giving him seven mills for one year. I think so. So hopefully that's gonna work out well, and the third thing is I am thrilled the White Sox come in the ESPN 1000. That's That's huge because I think the White Sox are on the are around the verge on the cusp of getting to the the next level time. Yeah, It's really good timing, and I think around thrilled that Len KASPER is coming along because it is my opinion, but I think he I think personally, he is the best play by play Man in MLB right now. He's no, that's saying a lot. Bill. I appreciate the call is always love talking with you. Yeah. The Len KASPER Edition was awesome. It surprised most almost everybody here at the station. Um, because, you know, a lot of that was You know one Casper talking to the White Sox and the White Sox, letting us know that Len KASPER is coming over and as real Lisa's far as I know, Okay and having the White Sox here is great evidence. White Sox fan since birth pretty much and nice to have them here. I was not here when they want in 2005. Um And so, but it's great to have the White Sox here We could hear White Sox weekly every Saturday right now. Nine o'clock with counteract 90 B, a two hour show once the season gets underway. As for Jack Peterson, Theo only problem with him is He doesn't get on base a lot. He's a home runner. Nothing guy as far as I'm concerned, um, in seven years with the Dodgers, he had 2 30. His on base was 3 36. He racked up 25, or more homers and four seasons. Out of the seven. But this past year 1 90 to 85 3 97. So his his batting averages on basis slugging. He had seven homers and 43 games. He did have a really nice Um, postseason a couple years ago. Hey, does God have world serious ring as he wins with the Dodgers? So he comes in here, He's gonna get some playing time. Apparently, the White Sox offered more. They offered 10 million For one year, but they couldn't guarantee him playing time. And apparently maybe he miscalculated the market and he heads up, citing for three million less with the Cubs. I don't get playing time. Yeah. I'm wondering, Would Schwarber have taken less than he got to stay with the cops? Yeah. I don't know that answer with the whole arbitration stuff. He would have been in arbitration arbitration for him. Yes, it was a six or seven. Yeah, something like that, so he probably would have had less. But you know, that's again. He's one of the few guys who, actually out shot is whatever his number as in free agency, right, so he actually made a little bit more. So he got 10 million for the one year so Yeah. You should be writing about this with Jack Peterson. Yeah, I was too what he signed with Chicago. I figure was gonna side with white socks because recount apparently liked him a lot. And like I said, when I heard from some one of the reporters out, Los Angeles is at the White Sox made a better offer. And he decided to go somewhere. We have more playing time He frustrated me about three years ago. People wanted him. He had a really good year with the Dodgers that is following year. Not good. Never never got it with a high average. Um,.

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