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Yes, we're the pod goats and you're listening to pot guts. Radio. I'm Campbell Ballentine. And I'm Phil Valentine. And this is our week in review. This segment is called Woah. Good God, Joe. What is it Good for? Absolutely nothing, but we said you won't please Edwin Starr, who did then? Yeah, I believe you told me that little tribute. Yeah. 16th this week in history. 18 61 U. S. President Abraham Lincoln prohibits union states from trading with the Confederacy. I had never really thought about that until I read that. Yeah. So did this. Like cripple the Confederacy? Or did it cripple the union? Who did it? You know what I would say That was a thing. You know, the North was more manufacturing in the South was more agriculture and they needed each other. And that's why at the end end up sticking together. Oh, yes, saying they'll sweet. I said, you know, after we've killed, you know, half a million people we realized we need each other. Thank you. We'll surely going to marriage counseling first. My goodness, man. We'll also in the 16th 1942, British Premier Winston Chan Shal and isn't he travels back to Cairo from Moscow. And here's the reason I included this, Okay, because what the heck was Winston Churchill doing? Man? Was he just roaming the country? It is roaming across the world roaming the world. Yes, he seemed to always be in a different city Globetrotter looking for more hooch against But was he like a near it Ating guest because it didn't a bunch of people kick him out and only ran on a liquor in Cairo. So we had to get some vodka in Moscow that we went, so I guess. Yeah, He was always very irritating. And people did kick him out. Yeah, I think he overstayed his welcome. Yeah, we'll let you go. Where you gonna go? The 19th 1941, Germany invades the Soviet Union. Bad mistake on their part. No kid. That's what lost them. The war. You know, Jeff, you know they had been analyzed, and a lot of people are upset a lot of people in the Soviet Union. Lot of the Khamis rubs that when Stalin you know, buddy buddy with Hitler, and then all of a sudden, Hitler stabs him in the back, invades the silvery union boom game on And you know for people who younger they don't realize that we were allies with this over Union World War two and, of course, became adversaries. After that we were adversaries before then adversaries after we went back to No hating each other because the cold War where there were communists, for crying out loud, you supposedly Communist, But the interesting part is they were aligned with Germany and had they that Lie in state in place world will be completely different place. Yeah, no kidding. Because they would have divvied up ever They would have one. There's no doubt and they would have divvied up everything. You think they'd be running the world right now. Probably. And we would still have the Soviet Union and the Nazis in Germany. Would that be scaring though we'd be speaking Russian or German or both? Yes, exactly. We be goose stepping. I know that Lord man. Well on the 20th 1940 going back to Churchill. Yes, anything, he says. This of the Royal Air Force and what a quote it is. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to Sofia is one of those favor. Famous quotes isn't bring a tear to your eye. It does to a glass eye. Yeah, Be big. If you report of the year for it would be, wouldn't it? Yes, the R A F. 1968 on the 20th. During the night 250,000 Soviet and Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia in response to the Prague Spring. Yeah, this is very bloody. So I was over in Prague and actually, I'd set this up beforehand, I said. Want to tour a radio station while I'm in the Czech Republic. Eliza, I just thought, you know they were behind the Iron Curtain. Now I just want to see some of their history. What? It was really cool because it would do I end up setting up an interview, which was essentially public radio for Prague of the time, and they had an exhibit going on at the time about the Prague spring. MM. And the invasion that was going on by the Soviet Union. And it was quite interesting in the young lady who took me on the tour was detailed about everything. They had pictures. They had artifacts at all sorts of stuff. Come back. That was quite interesting. Yeah, This is a rough period of history for Eastern Europe. Yes, And they and then you know, of course, from the sixties on into the nineties really wouldn't get that much better for him. Just got worse. But now we're healing. Hopefully, Yes, but any hill I'm gonna flash it way back. Please don't August 22nd. 17 75. Yes, King George gets on the horn with everybody in Great Britain and says, I've got a proclamation to make the colonies. Are in open rebellion. And we were saying you think this is open rebellion? You wait, pal. They got something for you. Bring your red coats over here. We got something for you. There's it in open rebellion. These people and they were our own country there. George Vago, George. Thank you. August 22nd 18 49 the first air raid in history. Austria. Launches a pilotless balloon against Venice once again and balloons I've forgotten that one was even on there were weapons with the balloon a balloon theme going today. I'm really freaking out. So you could imagine this. It is a pilotless balloon. So I don't even know how this I mean. How do they Did they drop the bomb? That's a good question. You have no idea. Maybe it's time to just I don't know drops on its own. I have no idea. They probably come up with something clever. And But we told you this in World War one when, when airplanes first are being used to bomb things. The guy's reaction there. You can see pictures of them. They're just throwing the bombs. It's like water balloons, but Well, it's so funny. Speaking of war Yes. Which is the whole segment 18 64 the very first Geneva Convention. 18 64. Yeah. And where did that take place? Geneva? Yes, yeah. And it was this was for wounded and armies in the field. The one they want. They want to pay people back for this in moderation, so This was signed by 12 nations and they had subsequent Geneva Conventions. And that's why people sometimes get this wrong. They say This violates the Geneva Convention is the Geneva Conventions. Ah, it's plural. You say this violates the Geneva Conventions. I see because there were several You know all the way leading up in the World War two. They still take place today? I don't think so. I don't know. They may Ah got big conventional in Geneva, 1944 on August 22nd Adolf Hitler orders Paris to be destroyed. Other map, but they didn't know they did not. And that's interesting. They didn't because there's a lot that they could have destroyed. I mean, the Eiffel Tower off the tree off the luv and everything in it. They did loot a lot of stuff that Nazis did from the luv and other places. But they didn't destroy the city. Yeah, and he wanted to wipe it off the map and rebuild. It is kind of a celebratory place for Germans who had come home from battle much like you know what? The Arc de Triomphe? Yeah, but this is getting late in the war. There's a 1944. So this is out of a I would assume that I don't know. The full history of this is his sounds like it's more out of desperation and probable and some of the general's heir going. Just ignore that order. Hmm. See, that's when the insurrection began. Yeah, yeah, it's beginning of the end. Yes, and speaking of ends, That's the end of our segment on Wall Dog on it, or next segment. Weird and tragic is coming up right after this, So stick with us. Hot goats. Radio comes back in just a moment. Yes, radio. 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