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Farm. You'll be very happy that you did. I know i can say that. I am very happy that i did because he is now my insurance agent and <hes> it's it's kinda like with financial advisor. I think initially people just kind of take like friends who are getting into the business and you just kinda just go along and then all of a sudden it hits you like oh. I really need somebody who's who's on top of this and that's james carlton and it thrills me to hear james when i get together for lunch. How many people have made the switch. It just makes me feel now. First off makes me feel good because he's an advertiser and i wanna. I wanna deliver a return on investment for him but secondly i know the listeners who have switched to him are in now better shape because there with james carlton. That's important to me those of you who have made the switch. I bet you know exactly exactly what i'm talking about those of you. Who haven't i'm telling you. I'm not just saying this. It's like it's. This is what i did me and my wife did. We switched james carlton. You can do so and they do all the paperwork for three one four nine six six hundred forty eight hundred go online at carlton insurance dot net. If your insurance cost an arm called james dalton state farm the blues and game seven against the stars would have been the textbook. They dominated the game. They had a game seven at home. This was the year and then what they outshout them something third and then they wind up losing and instead you have the hometown kid of course winning that thing and that launched people into absolute manian etienne even though it's only three years removed from what happened against san jose in the western conference finals. I felt like this took it to another level for whatever reason i don't know famous brower goal. You're calling the brower goal in in two thousand sixteen forever and i felt like there was more belief this year. I guess it's easy to say because we know the outcome but i don't know i just felt like there was more belief that this was real and keep in mind. They lost game one against the sharks but everybody i felt i remember tweeting it out and get like four thousand votes. You lose gonna win game two and like seventy five percent like yes. That's it just wasn't the mindset of the blues fan years path. You're always waiting for the shoe to drop in. This year's like they're going to be fine. Yeah i felt like after they beat dallas that they would be san jose and i felt that they had a better team than in sixteen and they lost six games with san jose better a team. Maybe they didn't have carlson <hes> thima meyer. Wasn't there really good young player but i felt the blues were much better team this year than they were sixteen. I really did and as it turns out if you look at that series they just rolled over the sharks. They should have one in five yeah they really should everyone looks at the hand passed goal. Well shirks tie the game with the goalie off. They should have never letting overtime. They wanted five and by by game six. You know you saw the game. Sharks were just they were a minor league team. Yeah they were in pieces so they were just the better team and i felt going into the series. Is that a really good chance to win the series one of the things i loved about that series if anything it's the highlight and there's the post game after the hand pass game carlson thornton burnsville not mistaken in and carlson you know i mean what are they gonna say. I understand but he's like well. We weren't playing handball out. They're just like if i know this group of blues the way i think they work. They're going to be like okay. Screw these guys. We know better. We played them in game three anyway yeah. We're just going to run them. They're not going to win another game. This is over six and that's exactly what they didn't lose another. Yeah exactly i mean they ran them to beat the hell out of them. As it turned out tim i think it really galvanized the team and hand fast games and i really do. I think it really pissed them ma and it should have and they said we're not losing. We are not lose in this series and as it turned out. They didn't lose another game so they get back. I mean that night. I was there with my dad. I was there with my wife and to see the team. Go to the stanley cup final at home an incredible night. What is that night like for for you and your family. You know this is this is this is this is the kelly name here. That's a bigger this is. This is something that i i was thinking about throughout. It's like bobby players eggers in with frank coucilman right now doing it. I was always thinking about players in in kelly's obviously the name of the alumni are so prominent town but there are some names synonymous with this is that i think about what was that night like for going back for the first time. It was a special night. It really was <hes> my entire family. Was there <hes> so you know we watched the handshake line postgame work for fox sports midwest and then the blues had <hes> a private party in one of the clubs and they had the western conference championship trophy in there and we went in there and took pictures with it and <hes> celebrated and had a few cold ones and i it was it's a really special night but <hes> you know i thought about it a lot. You know might my dad. He called the blues for the second and third her trips to the finals he wasn't here. The first year young buck did the games as you know <hes> so to think about you know back then my dad probably felt that oh oh man this is easy every year and lo and behold they don't go back for forty nine years so you know i thought about that and you know mainly. I was so happy for the fans because you could you could just feel it in the building tim how happy they were and how badly this team they wanted this team to win a stanley cup and now they knew after the san jose series. They were four wins away. I know the go there was a goal in the third period can recall who scored it and at that moment because it's a little tight. Here's a push at the start of that third period they were dominating acting and i'm like oh my god no no no oh no no maybe bows acts goal to make it was and couture had a breakaway opportunity been intimated save and then the blue scored a few minutes later and then at that moment uh i think people like this is really going to happen came countdown in a celebration which was so incredible and then all of these things are attached to it on top of it. You know i mean that's the thing about this. It wasn't just a great hockey. Team was the team is in last place hockey players in general likable but a lot of personalities emerged who you probably already knew a great personalities always but you knew about the layla anderson story and what went on with her in her presence with the team <hes> video of bobby plager- walking around he can't watch the game became aware of that guys knew about. I'm sure forever but that he could watch games and then chris kerber comes to you and says i want you to call the second period of of the stanley cup final games. I'm telling you i mean so often. I'm like okay. Somebody did this but this is. What's in it for them and i know it's not going to get the ends. Justifies the means but this is like the most selfless gesture in an appreciation of history. It was perfect perfect so how did it all come to pass will actually can't pass in that in that party room. After game six against san jose <hes> as i said i was in there with my a wife and kids and and chris was in there with his family there were one hundred people in their employees and and and executives in chris this came up to me and said john. I want you to call a game <hes> appear in every game of the final and my reaction was no. I'm not gonna do that. It's not my job at your the job and he said john. It's not an option for you. He insisted and jennifer my wife was there and she was she was all crying and i call my mom the next day and she was just over the moon and it yeah the word that comes to mind to me. Tim is unprecedented he because it's never been done before that i know of where radio announcer has said you're going to do part of the stanley cup final or any championship so you know it's it was unprecedented and i am forever grateful for chris for making that gesture i mean i initially i thought it was one of the second period the game one of my right. What a great that great anyway great idea was that it was second period of all seven games. I mean it's just something else and and and how much different is it calling ling on radio versus television. I mean there's there's some elements to that. I would imagine that happy. You have to be cognizant of that. Of course the people listening or most likely not viewing unless they've picked doc emrick fans and there aren't a lot of those no and by that. I mean not a lot of people who are not fans of doc ever yeah obviously you're. You're way more descriptive but you know tim. I came up in radio. I did six years in the american hockey league. Were i did eighty games a year on radio with no collar man and i was the engineer holt. Oh oh days early broadcast right and then. I did some some games in tampa bay when i was there on radio but i'm not gonna say that it was seamless. It's a bit of a it's a different <hes> challenge and it's also unique to come in in the second period plan and but you know you you you just are coming in and the first periods over and but i would listen i would sit next to chris and joey in the first period so i could hear everything they said so i didn't repeat if if they gave a stat or a quick anecdote or whatever i repeat that right because there everyday like they are getting ready for the games and things like that so it was a lot of fun it was a lot of although i must admit in in my seven second period periods. I was a minus player. I knew you were coming in of like what did he have. In the second period of that of the game in front of thinking like k. ain't nothing really doing in. I aims game three was bockel. I felt like they got up early with riley's wraparound in game four and i was immersed career right yeah. I'd say ah game five. It was more famous with the bosak. No call in the peron goal that was third period game six was a tobacco goals there yeah i did call. I believe in game five o'reilly made it one nothing that was very early in the second backhand. That's right. That's right. That's right that's right but then as you said peron got the winner in the third on that controversy. I'm just having i was. I was a minus announcer but it was it was the greatest we drank from game says all said i wanna i. I happened to see you. I don't know if you remember this by the way <hes> before games james and young page views in his chinchilla yeah so he's about to appear on the fox. That's the thing so i was talking this guy. I know where i was going with it. <hes> we were talking and then mike torika walks by because we're all by the sets of fox sports midwest and n._b._c. and you said hello and then you guys wind up talking for a few minutes and i felt like he was saying some very kind things i didn't like. I was over there with a chinchilla. I've got i got. I got two things i'm dealing with but what was what would mike obviously had appreciation for the significance of this for you and your family. He knew who he knew of my dad and i don't think he ever met him but he said great things about him and actually i complimented him. I said mike i can't believe what a great job. You did. <hes> doing a few games on n._b._c. S. n. when you had never done hockey before and i meant it from my heart <hes> because i know how challenging it is to call play by play and here's this guy that comes in in the middle of season and again. I don't know if he'd ever done hockey period in any at any level and i thought he was fantastic..

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