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Sometimes it's just nice to know there are other humans out there just trying to make sense of everything just like you we're all in this together KFI am six forty more stimulating talk good morning here in the morning crew Thursday March twenty fifth KFI am six forty live everywhere on the I heart radio apps we return to handle on to the news Jennifer Wayne and media she's just coming back to her station she you know she was going around taking everybody's temperature with a hill I don't know how I can can they get here no you can't do one of those little temperature you know what yeah infrared thermometer that you hold out big time yeah L. thing yeah hold it close to your forehead and then it beeps and it'll tell you what the temperature is I'm ninety seven six you're right there is all right and do you now can you do it at a distance are you actually have to you know you don't have to touch so I'm just close if you can see I think it is the apple inches away yes now does a ninety eight all right somewhere in there yeah you're you're fine yeah they know you're a couple inches away you have to get relatively close to somebody but at least there no contacts all right go back to him on the news and I just turn my stuff away all right here we got so the sheriff in LA county if they had their way the LA county supervisors would not have him as the head of emergency operations.

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