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Cost basically bitcoins down. There's a bitcoin. Atm in the gas station over here. The one with the mcdonald's in it and paul really street. Yeah so i do. I'm getting more discouraged as we're talking because it hasn't make any sense. Let's say you're purchasing services from someone in sweden So like let's say so. Let's say i'm paying for a service of a hundred dollars right. I'm sitting in one hundred dollars worth of bitcoin at that moment in right name. It's painted for their services but then whenever they get it. Let's say an hour later. It's worth one hundred bucks in the is only worth fifty bucks. Yeah so that's the price you pay with bitcoin. Because you're hoping that that one hundred dollars or send them. Today is worth two hundred dollars tomorrow. That's why they're accepting the bitcoin sending with the us dollar like you know vajpayee you one hundred dollars today and you're holding onto a hundred dollars but that value of that dollar drops in ten years. It's really only you know because inflation stuff only like seventy dollars. It's ten years on the matter of minutes. Right like elon. Musk a tweet something tomorrow. And that the value of that money that you just said zero because first off we need a trump ban him on twitter he does not need to be on twitter just crazy. Volatile is trump. He said something stupid and everyone loses money. But i do. I am putting money in it. Because what if it is the currency of the future. And i'm kicking myself. Because i didn't put a thousand dollars in ten years ago. You know what. I mean But that's why i'm just i'm just holding it and letting it ride holding it. Yeah i'm gonna stay with marina. I put too much money in it. Yeah just don't pull it out. Don't look at it like this is the only time i'm telling you not to pull out okay and don't look at it every day. I do that. I'll look at it every day. And i'll get discouraged but now it's just like whatever if i would have left that money that i had in a very huge amount of money i put him. Bitcoin jones the rapper told me not to pull out i immediately pull out like three days later. I could have had so much more money. Yeah you know. What have you actually do it now. I think it's worth. I'm not doing him any more money in this the same amount. I think today's a thirty six thousand. That's where i bought it at cost at thirty six thousand. That's what i re rebirth in with my winning also you know. We're not worried about your. I'm playing with house money now okay. That's what i want. I pulled my original investment out. So i'm not losing anything now. I'm just letting it ride. Oh the we we the answer your question at all I mean. I answer my own question. Yeah but i mean you answer my other question about the the value of the bitcoin how it changes in your wallet. I had no idea about that. Well i mean i could. I could be completely wrong. But that's what. I noticed the other day when i looked at my wallet. My coin value that little one point it was like twenty two cents or whatever is now thirty six cents or whatever though it's changing with the market. Yes but i would say that Just my little knowledge or whatever. I don't know how good it is. But i would say Would be clean because they use so much Power howard or some enough power to run the big quyen that is producing or using so much energy. I think that's all bs you think so. I think he's doing it to manipulate the market. The is that what he talked about now. That's what i think he's doing. That's what a lot of people are thinking. I didn't hear from him. I rented just he. He said so the whole thing. The reason why. Bitcoin crashes because elon. Musk said we're not gonna take a bitcoin payments for tesla anymore. Because we're worried about the environment Yeah no i mean. There's other selectors There's corn Alternatives yeah so like other other coin currencies or the coin currencies that use less energy to run. Run the coin. Yeah so those are the ones that i am investing in. I don't know again. I just got into this a few months ago. And i'm not even knowing i don't even know what i'm doing You're you're talking to the wrong guy. It's like the blind leading the blind at this point. Because i know. I lose my entire life savings. Oh thousand dollars. That's hard for so many years. I put it all in the bitcoin. Let it ride why. I say that we're doing. We're doing better than most people because some people don't even know how real like regular money works right so Honestly i was probably one of those people who didn't really know how regular money worked either. Because you never have to think about it right and then when you start to think about like oh i guess it is how it works but anyway yes last week we did intend to do a real show last week but we didn't. We had like a flood in dallas. And it kind of through our plans off. It was ridiculous. So here's what happened. I- clarkston here. He's at a wedding. Otherwise i would. I wish he was here. He was going to call in and try to explain his side of the story because his side of the stories way more interesting than anything we had going on about. One o'clock eric. Tax me a picture of flooding on in his neighborhood and he lives out in fort worth or wherever and I was like oh well. That sucks you. Don't you don't come in make it yes. Vote or something right. I said do the show from the house. If you want not a big deal and i leave it at that. I dismiss it. You know. I always do that. But i didn't i could be. Here's what. I was focused on that day. Like i drive around a lot in the rain. Which i'm already nervous about driving in the rain and i had to escort people with me escort. Escort okay so i had to bitcoin. I do bitcoin and does coin. How accept it. yeah. I don't know. I don't know how to actually turned into an actual value. I don't know anything about flooding or whatever. I think it's happening in your neck of the woods. You're seeing is raining at this point. Yeah okay and. I'm just nervous about all the driving. I have to do at this point. I'm in dallas. I have to go take people down to my neck of the woods. I live about thirty minutes. South of dallas for a little gathering. My plan was i was in. Go down there hanging out. The little gathering a little bit come back up to dallas. Do the show go back down my neck of the woods. Pick everyone up. Bring him back up to dallas. That's four trip home in the rain. And i'm freaking out because i can't see out of the windshield wipers are bad. You know like they're doing so much construction on the highway that you can't see the painted lines when it's wet so it's it's a mess and so i'm stressed out so when i get your tax i'm like okay. Whatever no big you know. I moved out of my brain and i'm just focusing on the worry of today So as i'm leaving dallas One of the girls in the car says oh my gosh. it's flooding in dallas. And she shows a picture of video of this guy pushing his car like the water is up to his roof. Yeah and like the water is coming up to his chest. And he's sitting there pushing his car out of the water. And i'm like at that point first off because dot. What are you trying to save like. Just leave the car in the water. You get out you get safe. You don't need to go and risk your life you don't know what's in the water it as yeah you'd be. A sharp objects would be electrical cable. Yeah syringe syringe. Get out of the water. Your car's done. It's it's a total loss. Let that guy that's where insurance comes in right it's done. I'm watching this video. And i look in the background and i see that it's from the street literally happening right here in this area and so that's when i send a message to everyone and say hey you know what we're going to show from the house because i thought it worked out for me too because i don't have to come back to dallas. I'm ten minutes from my house. At this point. I'll just go home. Do the show go back to the gathering them to bring people ops announce less driving so eric's my internet's going in and out spiders like i don't have A microphone on my house that this this moment so i can't do it so i'm like okay. Well where's clark clark for. The first time ever is early in the sitting here at the studio two hours before showtime during a hurricane. Yeah he's a while mar here at the studio during the most treacherous weather came up early. Because i had taxes the do. He's in the parking lot just hanging out. He doesn't have a key to get in the building. There's no cleaning crew here to let him in.

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