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Cloudy with highs in the low sixties, Too. Low seventies. This report is brought to you by the Auto Club of Southern California from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's a wreck on the 7 10. It's gonna be a Long beach on the 7 10 South connector to the North found 405 car went over the shoulder of bank in on that transition road. So you're driving is affected from about the 91 Vasquez rocks in the 14 south before Aguadilla say Canyon, starting to clear an injury wreck from the two left. Lanes. But boy, that's a big old backup for you. Okay, if I have this guy's sponsored by entry attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff are with Topanga Canyon. You better if you come in off the eastbound one of one now, if you prefer using to banging down the PCH In fairly good shape, although we've got a little some low clouds to deal with us, so I can't see it well, from about a mile before PCH, But the downhill drive was looking for the good and by whether East one on one is is still in good shape. Now. Amazing over to the four of evidence, you know. No problems there. West bounds a little slow. We'll give you a heads up about a problem that some info we're getting from CHP. No, I can't see it. Does the little clouds but self five at the 1 34 must be something still working there. The solid backup to Burbank Boulevard down to the 1 34. I want to think about using Glen Oaks. Pretty easy drive all the way into Glendale injured in an accident. Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock a F eye in the sky traffic is sponsored by Choose Change CIA dot or Gcei. A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks don't like over 19 stop you from choosing a proven treatment for your opioid or stimulant eviction. Virtual care options are now available. Choose treatment and choose change. California find the right treatment option for you at choose change CIA dot or egg white here from Mesa garage doors wishing you a Happy New Year. I love the holiday season, but it's not been so.

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