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Dot com slash events it's going to be another awesome show in fact we'll have Kevin Colleen on tonight to talk about the show and I'm looking forward to having a conversation with him also coming up as Dr Steven Mintz was going to join us in about ten minutes from now in Dr Steven Mintz has a couple of things to say when it comes to just ethics in general in politics in just how we frame the things that we say civility is out here he's not a fan of president Donald Trump and the way that he handled the speeches and you'll find out some of the reasons why coming up as well so we're gonna bring him on and also a friend from Kansas City sister station KNBC is our talk shows called Mike wicket and he's going to talk about Dr Martin Luther king Boulevard there's a vote yesterday if they should keep that name on a street or not and the people almost seventy percent said they wanted to reverted back to the old name lot of people nationally speaking see this and get upset what's really happening how about we talk to someone there and get an idea of what's really happening and he says the national impression in the headlines are unwarranted we'll give you the full explanation of what's going on so tomorrow my wife and my son are going to be driving to Ohio my wife's going to be attending a wedding of one of our cousins that she hasn't talked to in forever but she still wants to go I decided it wasn't a good idea for me to take vacation time so I'm gonna stay here are going to continue to do the shell but she's gonna take some time to go visit her parents he's going to visit some friends while she's up there she is a couple of friends that she's had for a long time one has a new baby actually two of them have a new baby very exciting for so she's gonna make it into like a little mini vacation but I'm gonna be here in Saint Louis I'm going to have the house to myself all be able to do whatever I want the freedom there oh my goodness the freedom so immediately I think to myself what am I going to do because no one will be out there trying to divide my time no one's gonna say Hey I need you to do this no one's saying out there all yeah I'm gonna you got to help with this you got to do with that nope nope I can be as selfish as I want with my time so you know I'm gonna spend that time watch Gina Dr Phil watching Dr Phil and I wasn't planning on it they put a preview out in people started sharing this online Dr Phil interviews the abandon Ukrainian orphan dwarf at the center of the adoption saga in Indianapolis nine the member this story we talked about it on the show before what a strange story so what originally happened was there was a couple that adopted back in two thousand and ten what they thought was an eight year old girl born with dwarfism in the Ukraine they bring her over here in a say wait a minute she's not eight years old we believe she is much older than eight years old in fact they had age legally changed in two days she is legally for thirty years old what happened was they believed this was all a scam Solveig said nope they just about her they said we're gonna pay for an apartment but you're not living with this family because we think you're lying in the nationally people picked up on it they said here's this family that abandon a ten year old can you believe it but the parents are saying none around she's no child we know it's one of those situations where they said she was like you know abusive finally all of these things and she was lying about all of this so guess who gets to the bottom of it good old Dr Phil tomorrow.

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