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They be talking about. How how the the feelings of what they did. and by the way. Here's another note every day. You are personally living your eulogy based on what you're doing how you're behaving how your people what you're working toward that those things people are gonna talk about when you finally go and we're all going to finally go but now you have the reasons from the autopsy in the feelings from the eulogy. The third thing here is go ahead and have the funeral because you have to lay it to rest again whether you are successful at something or you failed at something you have to lay it to rest. It's okay to think about it from time to time. But you gotta let it go. It's a nice memory that pops into your head every once in a while. Make something makes you think about it. That's okay just like if you had a funeral of a person who sugaya celebration of life and it's okay to be thinking about that person from time to time but you can't just spend the rest of your days mulling over it so now. What if you're stuck. What if you can't seem to move past this point so here it is. Here's the the the first of the two word sentences. And that is now what it can be a sentence or a statement or just pondering whether you want something or lost something. It's over so now what you should ask a question and then say it is a statement. What snack dan gable. Who coached university iowa wrestling for decades back in the one thousand nine hundred like to say seventy two olympic gold medalist in wrestling. He was also undefeated in high school. Lost one matching college talked about celebrating when they raised his hand at the end of a win and from that from that time until the time walked off the mat and then it was onto the next thing. Now that might be a little extreme. But you data put a time limit on your funeral on your win or on your loss. Enjoy your celebration you shut. It's an accomplishment. But then you gotta move on and ask yourself now. What what did you learn. How did it make you feel. Let's set it down. Let's lay to rest and let's move on and you got to answer this but it's also a free thought that allows you to create your next vision. Which is i always say is a dream with a purpose. And the second two-word sentence that builds on your now what is what.

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