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When the lights go down in the city it's time for the mark whether K. E. N. D. E. R. one O. four five and six eighty three sports leader what will it shows it is Thursday night at one of our favorites no matter what's going on out there because he keeps flip out pretty good angles on the athletic David Lombardi all the forty Niners David before we get into your stuff we were just talking before this conversation and you said you spent a good portion of your day on your roof what are you doing up there I should tweet a picture at the Nike New I live in a valley so pretty close to all the big building downtown so you go all the way up to the roof identifiers gave all the way up there and I have my laptop in my backpack and there's a couple so close up on the roof so I sit down and just soak in the sun to go start raining now on top of everything that we have to deal with we're gonna they're dealing with the rain though I want to take advantage of of the rooftop all I can't yeah I've been trying to do this day by day so I have been looking at weather reports are you telling me that the rain was coming this weekend was that was really a barber you you you you kind of took the wind out of my sails I thought this beautiful our get ready for the weekend but not yet for this weekend according to the report yeah it's it's it's torturous right now I mean a lot of people on the go hello my family lives there and they have to ski and they have a house up in Shaver lake which is a couple hours south of Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada we don't we have more snow season up until everything closed until now we get the rain here that means that knowing a ton of the mountain that means that the conditions for skiing.

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