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Day on saturday so look for that system to come to places like cleveland and buffalo and as we're talking saturday we'll be looking a lot of rain for the south so if you have weekend plans keep that in mind that area of snow will continue to persist saturday for portions of the midwest with icing concerns for oklahoma portions of missouri even southern illinois and indiana light showers on texas gulf coast but for the most part the southern third of a nation is dry there is a look at your national weather forecast from red eye radio i'm meteorologist john trout thanks so much john eight six six ninety red eye two one two point nine karn special report government shutdown right now lawmakers are struggling to reopen the federal government after gop senator rand paul blocked a bipartisan budget deal preventing a vote which in turn allow the budget to expire speaking on the senate floor overnight poll continued to voice his displeasure over the measure and you look at the death of his accumulated for the last toe 17 years or so george w bush doubled the debt from five trillion to ten trillion president obama double the debt from ten trillion to twenty trillion and now were on course to exceed thirty trillion and the next seven years or so so that really is a are signs that the budget pro processes broken while trying to force a debate on his amendment to kill the measures increased federal spending on the shutdown may not last too long since the senate is expected to take up a vote on a bipartisan budget deal sometime before three am eastern and should be followed by a vote in the house sometime later friday morning i'm elliot francis mainly clear terada and truly both thirty one tomorrow partly sunny entering wilder i've fifty eight mostly cloudy tomorrow night with rain at times low forty six bloody on saturday with occasional rain and drizzle 554 chillier weather on sunday honor of rain and drizzle the morning stay mostly cloudy in the afternoon high forty three a perhaps a branded reserve early monday otherwise mostly cloudy high forty six mostly cloudy tuesday and milder i've fifty four i'm accuweather's bob larsen these he doc washburn the uniform after.

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