Democratic Party, Schumer, Pelosi discussed on The Stephanie Miller Show


The voting rolls with arbitrary standards that are designed in many states to democratic voters off the role so they don't have a chance to cast bells these are just a few examples of what by omission is being set aside by the democratic party and i think the main problem is coming from the top the leadership schumer in pelosi in the senate house and also the dnc and we seen examples now now where the senate minority whip in the house has gone out and as he secretly recorded audio from one such instance really pushed in colorado to get the progressive candidate out of the primaries and i think that this is an example of how there is an ideologue articles split where we have clinton isn't without the clintons now nobody thinks it bill hillary clinton per se running the dnc you're the democratic congressional campaign committee but that sensibility is still there that this is a corporate party that it should talk left and govern corporate center and that is simply not gonna wash you know there's polling in the last few days that support for the democrat party is slipping away among young people i saw how did we have that occur and think that democrats can take the house away from the republicans i saw that and it's very important it should be a warning sign a you know the canary falling over in the cage for democrats i'm not seeing a lot of response that here's something that baffles me norman and genuinely baffles me we had the political scientist and economist thomas ferguson on last week talking about his research he is showing for example that whatever russia did or didn't do his research suggests that it had no impact basically and the.

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