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To four to eight to eight to to find out if you're eligible for Medicaid and to get enrolled, even if you will plied before and been turned down the. The rules have changed suggest again because to take care of others. You have to take care of yourself to that's cover VA dot org for eight five five to four to eight to eight to brought to you by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It's Friday morning. WBZ news time five eleven police say those bomb threats Email to schools banks and government buildings across the country are extortion attempts, a south Elgin business received just such a threat and police sergeant Mike Doty there was one of those who responded arrival. It was learned that two emails had been sent to this particular business indicating that they had to. A bomb in the area and that they had to pay. Up to about twenty thousand dollars in bitcoin a bitcoin account that was one of at least four in the Chicago area, including one on the street or Ville neighborhood and another at a building of the six hundred block of west Randolph, some schools closed early around the country and others were evacuated. Well, it's not a great way to start a new job. The new sheriff Kane county says he was left with a three hundred nine thousand dollar deficit from his predecessor newly elected sheriff Ron Haines says former sheriff, Don Kramer, stopped working with the county's finance department back in August. The core. Your news reports Hain wasn't given a clear answer as to why the sheriff's office stopped reporting finances or why no one was aware that they were running a deficit at a recent Kane county judicial and public safety committee meeting. Eight says his goal is to get the budget back on track. Mariam's job NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. A prisoner was found dead in a shower stall at a northwest Indiana jail yesterday, it happened in crown point and Lake County. Forty six year old Curtis peoples had been book. Into the jail just over a week ago. The porter county coroner's office will investigate the death to avoid a conflict of interest pending further investigation and toxicology tests a federal EPA investigation into the steerage inex- facility in suburban willowbrook continues. There are reports this morning that new tests were conducted yesterday and the aftermath of scores of complaints from residents living near the plant many, say the facilities making them. Sick water temples were taken from spigots on the exterior of homes. Authorities with the page county health department say they'll send send an independent they'll be sent to independent certified lab for testing to see if there's groundwater contamination in drinking water. Accuweather next. WBZ news time five.

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