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Greater boston communities mourning. The deaths of two people serve this country and whose lives were ended in a horrific violence this weekend. Sixty year. old ramona. Cooper was an air force staff sergeant. Her son says she was caring and selfless ready to help anybody in need sixty eight year old. David greene was a retired state trooper described as a true gentleman by his fellow troopers. And who had apparently just dropped off a batch of fresh cherries to a neighbor. Before being gunned down in the street. They'll be a candlelight vigil in winthrop on thursday to honor both of them in the meantime prosecutors are now investigating the deaths as a hate crime. Police say twenty eight year. Old nathan allen hijacked a truck before crashing into a home on shirley street allen then got out of the car shooting and killing cooper and green before he was shot by police. suffo- county. da. Rachel rollins says quote the only two people that he opened fire on or two visible people of color arison.

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