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Podcast? Jedi would be a good therapist. Rob Good Yeah. I think it should be very good. Filthy do yeah. We'll get we'll like you have a couple of friends you could have couples. Mike solve all of their arguments. I Love I love giving relationship advice when you guys are doing the love. No at all as rob all over that anyway. Okay now now where I would I'd be happy to aright there. You go all right then. Of course Kevon I talked about curb your enthusiasm season originally watch curb your enthusiasm. Okay so I am not discuss this many times I don't watch TV. I recently cut my cable. I'm I'm not that it's on cable or anything but I don't have anything and I've watched a lot of curb but I've not watched it like religiously like Fronta Back Doc. I absolutely love it so I watched it once I do. Can I just jump in to the new season and like okay as long as I have enough background and I think I yeah. I don't know it's like it's not that serious of a show so as long as I can just jump into could definitely dump it. You helped me with a link because I just cut my cable and streaming services at Hewlett. Yeah I'll send you a link pirating. HBO Now I hiring I'll give her my You're paid log INS. Sure whatever. Yeah perfect do get sent screeners of curb because we have it was just maybe we really but actually set them all said he didn't get them so forget it. Okay all right. I'm going to bet did play alien rob land the plane of course thank you guys so much for listening to the three of US still there. Thank you so much for all of your time and let us know what you I think on our catchphrase. We're back with Dr Mike next week on episode number sixty nine by back. Well you are at check that until you. This might seem but trust me. If the episode you should believe me. It's your own protection because we see things that should taffy and the replacement cycle with you look at the razzle crapshoot shelter to the black suit. Does that man in. Oh.

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