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Usually through either community events airshows warrant. During times of need. And that includes. Usually disaster events so civil air patrol both the cadets and mostly the senior members on the on the air crews responded to hurricanes Michael Huracan Florence. And if you go back to Katrina, if you even go back to nine eleven one of the very first aircraft that was allowed to take back off and fly in New York airspace was a civil air patrol says, no one eighty two they needed pictures and they needed him quick. So a lot of our missions at the time were for FEMA which later when when did the -partment of homeland security was established. They said, wait a minute. We we've got five hundred sixty airplanes in sixty thousand volunteers and the average cost for flight hours one hundred sixty five dollars. So why would we not take that take that on? So over my twenty five years, it's the organization as a whole. Has really really professionalized and gotten itself out there. And that's that's how we're we're out there sort of marketing and recruiting and trying to get into the schools, but it's usually through community events. Do you know the deep deep history of how the civil air patrol was started. I think we're all trained to at least learned the basics, and I will probably defer to David a little bit. But. But but similar as far as I understand it was established about a week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. So it would it goes all the way back to nineteen forty one. And it was civilian pilots and aircrews because a an aircrew is a pilot and observer scanner. It was these these people that were in the in the United States, and they had airplanes, and they had access to planes sort of if you go back in in US history. And you talk about the civil defence force was all volunteers all community-based. And these folks just said we're gonna take that. And then we're gonna add aviation and airplanes to it and bay started flying coastal patrols, and we'll work to we've been talking about the cadets. But if if you're a pilot pilot, for example, there's there's a role for you in the civil air patrol, of course. Absolutely. So at my peak, so while I was active duty military. I was flying over two hundred hours year for the civil air patrol and not that it's about money because it's about community service. But I paid for point eight. I think it was in two thousand sixteen I flew two hundred twenty hours, and I paid for point eight of it. So it's a great way to build build hours in what is now considered technologically advanced aircraft. So I was flying in New Mexico. Turbo. Two sixes glass. Cockpit. G one thousand equipped says no one eighty two's. And even the older says, no one seventy two's where quipped with. Secure radios radios that we could talk to firefighters first responders with. So it was it was great flying bet somebody else's paying for..

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